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58 Chappzg. AnExpofition upon theBoolç of J O B. Verf:r4, Firf , Inhis nature : Secondly, In his birth. Thirdly, In the matter out ofwhich he was made: Fourthly, In reference to his pretènt condition. Fifthly, and chiefly , in reference to his corruption, or finful depravation, What is man that heJbould be clean ? But had job any where afferted himfelf clean ? Did he not affert his own uncleannefs while he proclaimed that Nega- tive Queftion ( Chap. 4. v. ) Whocan bring a clean thing out of an unclean, not one ? Why then doch Eliphaz charge jobwithhis boaft of cleannefs , who never thought himfelf clean, as his difcourfe every where demonfirates, but under two notions: Firft, as righteous byanother, or through faith irl the Mesas Secondly, as not fcandalous toothers by any notorious crime, or confcious to himfelf of any clofe hypocri- fie ; in any other fenfc than this, jobnever afferted himfelf clean, and in this he was, yea, every believer is clean. Yet Eli- phaz fattens it upon him, as if he had trim'd up himfelf with his own ornaments , or had advanced the Marine of Self - perfel'lion. Hence obferve in general. That , When perfons are ingaged in a Difpute, fptcially'in a difficult eontreverfe, they feldom underftand, but feldomer report the truth ofeach etherspofltion. Some of Calvins adverfaries called his Dofrine by theo- dious names ofTurcifine, and Judaifine : And the Papifls call us Solifidians, as if we denied all good works, becaufe we af- firm that a man is juftified ( though not by that faith which is alone) yet by faith alone without works, yob indeed had fpo.ken much co vindicate himfelf, but he fpake much more to abate, and lay himfelflow in the fight of God ; and therefore Eliphaz might have madea fairer collect$ion for him,than this, that he affirmed himfelf clean, What it man,&c. The Hebrew is, Miferable man. Miferable is his name , andmifery is with him, frail is his Name , and frailty is with him. Hence Mr, Broughton tranflates, What is awful man to be cleared fiolvinatur. 2ifmuf.Hun. Calvinur Ju di i{anr, Ofi. and.,.