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i!i 68 Chap. Y 5, An Expofitionupon the Bookof J O B, Verf.16, cause there is fomuch holinefs in God not inward becaufe there is fo much filthinefs in themfelves. Hence the Lord threatens (Nah. 3.5, 6, ) becaufe they would not look on their own filthiness, that he would (hew their filthiness to all theworld, He would,Jhew the Nations their,nakedneft, and the. Kingdoms theirflume : And .howfoever _a natural man hides his abominations from his eye now, or will not fee it , yet all {hall be laid open to him in the day of judgment, which will be as Q day of the revelation of the righteous judgment of God :, Só a dayof the revelation of, the unrighteoufnefs of man.: And then he (hall ( though too late) abhor himself forever. There bath been a difpute whether the fins of Believers thall be opened at that day, but there is no Queftion but the fins of Unbelievers (hall, and that not onely to thame them , but to punith and torment them ; yea, pcllibly, the fight of fin..will be a greater torment to them than all, their other torments , and to be led about ( as the Prophet wasin.refetence to o thers) from one unclean room of their hearts to another, there to behold all the abominations of their hearts, will be the very pit of Hell. O bow abominable, and as it follows in the Tex : Filthy is Alen: ;1178,1 The word is derived froma root that lignifies corrupt, rot, gsridu+,f,8- ten,,, putrified , the scum of a Pot , the rufiof Metals , the w aid,grarea. lentuJ, rranyz. dung, or excrement of man and beafts ; there are no words oto o carnibur filthy enough to exprefs the ñlthinefs ofman. The word is rancidit ?ton d6 found but three times ( as force obferve) in the Scripture in- fpumati,.DraL this coaftruelion, of them it is applied to thew the. flJrove' ext., abominable wickedness of man, the firfi place is this of job mat deduct a , R17,1 it is found alfo, Pfal. 14..3. Pfal 53.3 Which Pfalmes are rubigo aäd, moft pregnant descriptions of the corrupt Rate of man , as if Spums,eacre this werea word pickt out. purpofe as a Glafs to thew man etenrum. P on P P his face and natural There is a fecond tranf.ationof theword :whichgives more light to this,Howmuchmore abominable &unprofitable is man: 1nutilù-,17u1g. One word dignifies filthy and unprofitable,becaufe that which . guarputrida is corrupt and filthy,is alfo unprofitable, andunfit for ufe. It 'Ann inutilio is an extreme debafement unto,man , that he is unprofitable, fo-filthy , that he is good for nothing; The Apotile puts these, together,: