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Chap.' 5. AnExpofitionupon the Bookof J O B. Verfír 6. 69 together ( Tit; 1.16. ) Abominable difobedient, andunto e- verygood workreprobate ; that is, unfit for every good work Wemay fay of man (in this fenfe) as the Prophet ( Ezek, a5.3, dothof the Vine , Son of man, what is the Vine tree more than another tree ? excellent to yield Wine ; but in the third Verfe we have another anfwer, Shall wood be taken there- of to do any work, or will men make a pin of it to hang any Ire[ fel thereon,? 'will you build a houle of Vine Timber, or will you fo much as make a Pin of it ? The Vine is-not fit to make a- -Pin of; thus wemay fay of a carnal man, he is unprofitable, will the Lord ufe him in any work ? no, he is reprobate to every good work ; will he ferve the Lords turn, fo much as uifibrue- to make a Pin of ? That is , is he profitable for the leafs fer. guam eftcui vice?No,he is not. He is allo like the Corngrowing upon the ufaàbont+5 tß L houte-top, whereof TheReaper filleth not hi hand , nor he that binds up the Sheaves his bofome.The reafon why man appeares thus filthy, is,- becaufe he deales fo much with filth ; and he is thus unfit todoe any good , becaufe he is continually doing , evil, as it follows in the 1aíì claufe of this Verle, Which drinke,th iniquity like water. Will-you know what declares man abominableand filthy in the tight- of God ? It is not hispoverty his ficknefs , his raggs, or any external 'defilement , nothing but finmakes him fo He drinks in iniquity like water this makeshim as filthy as the dirt and mire he treads upon, or as thevomit anddung which he cafleth out; Hence note ingeneral. Sin, andfin only makes man aborninable,andftltbyin thefight ofGod; nothing can defile the foul, but fin; though a man be cloathed: with filthy- garments , though his skin be over-run with filthy fores ; though he lie ina [finking Channel,yet the Lord will not fay,he is abominable or filthy,in thefe refpee ts` for evenin fuch a ftate,or at fuch a time,Chrif may have taken him in his arms and killed him with the kiffes ofhis lips. But though he go cloathed inScarlet, though. he lie in a bed of Ivory,and is perfumed withall the Spices of Arabia, yet fin makes him filthy and abominable in the eye of the Lord, Secondly Obferve. The multiplied ads of fin-are anevidence that man is ha- bitually