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TO THE READER. for,having read his Son a Leï#ureupon the vanity of the Creature andhavinggiven him many excellent advice!, for the"adhering of his courfe through this world , he applies all in the former-part of this Verfe,And further by thefe , my Son,be admonifhed. Let what is now written takeupon thyheart, and be accepted with thee. For (Vert to.)ThePreacher fought to find out ac- ceptable words, and that which was written was up- right, evenwords of truth. Again (Vert. i c.) The words of the Wife are as Goads,and as Nails fattened by theMatters ofAftemblies, which are given from oneShepherd v Tberefore,let thefe words, like Goads,put thee on, and like nails, fafien thee to the obedience of my counfels;By thefe,my fon,be admonitbed;Asifhe had faid, Let not this Book, which difcovers the vanity of all worldly things , be it fell accounted vain ; if this Book prevail not with thee, if it matter not thy judgement, and mannage not thy affeaions,'tis to no end for me tomake manyBooks; feeing this is cloa- thed with asmuch compleatnefs of rule to direet, as a Book of this Argument can bc, and is ftampt with . as much ftrengthof Authority to command, as any book ofany.Argument can be : And further, why Ihouldeft thou, my fon, put me tothe making of ma- ny books ? What if I could make manywith as much cafe tomy own fpirit, as i have made this one,which was given me in immediately by the Spirit? yet thou cantt not Rudy ( or asweput in theMargin, read) ma- nybooks without wearinefs to thyHefh. Sotben,t boughSolomon might havehad jufi ground toput theaffeJion both of writing and reading many books upon the fileof his obferved vanities ; yet he loth, not difoblige from the 'Judy ofneceffary and ferions books; norat all condemn thofe many Monuments ofpro- fatable learning, w tch indufiriout Pens have in any Age