Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v5

TO THE READER. Age bequeathed to Poflerity. He indeed (which yet is but afeconddefign,if it beat all thedefgn ofthat place) takes us offfrom vain fludies, and cenfures thofe books (be theyfew as well is many) which have no tenden- cy to make any man, either the wifer, or the. better by reading them. Nor eau thofe Books how many foever theyare, be (to their difparagement) called Many , which enter in, andpromote ( what is but one in every kind) any kindof Truth , chiefly that , which we call Divine, or Holy Truth. sAny One ufelefs, or erro- neous Book it too many : Many ufiful and Orthodox Books are but One. Thefive Books ofMofes arebut One Law : Thefour Books ofthe Birth, Life, and Death, of our ever bleffedRedeemer Jefus Chrift, are but One Gofpel : 411 the Books of both Tefiaments are but one Book. Vpon which account wemay alfo fay, that, all thofe manyandmany books whichfaithfully interpret that one book,arebut one book.And thoughofmaking manyfuch books, there fhould as ( Iconceive therewill) be no end,till this world ends,as Enda takenfora ce,a f ng to make them,Tet ofmaking many [ueb books there kan end,yea many nobleends,as End is takenfor thegood,or benefit which comes by making them.Tbemaking offuch books is good,and a benefit to the Reader,as communica- ting to him thofe manifeftations oftheSpirit which are given toeveryman (towhom theyaregiven) to profit withal: Theword (7aouepipo) there ufed by the Apofile, fagnifiesfuck a profit as freameth out to community. Themaking offuchBooks is alfogood,» a benefit to the Maker,as being an improvement ofhis time and talents, to his own peace, and his Mailers glory. 'Tis reward beyond all the World can give ,for anywork, that GOD bathglory, and MAN Peace,in doing it. As thisfsmall pieceofworkis direEled to thefe l4mentioned ends,and (as it ought )principally to the ftrfi of tbens fo, that it may