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72 Chap..i 5 AnExpofrtion upon the Book, of I O B. Verf.r 6. Thirdly, Moli fins in the adof them , have little labour kuofPer it" or difficulty in them (Pfol. 5o.2o.) Thou fatteli andfpakef{ curia f nra againfl thy Mothers Son. Amanmay both (peak and do evil, tium while he fits full and doth nothing bit . ; an idle pollute may ferve the turn for filch work as that .,Fourthly, -Water is but fmalhdrínk , water hath little plea- lure in it and lets firength in it. And therefore when Chrifi would thew that the lowefi courtefie or charity done to one of his,.fhall be highly efieemed by him , he faith , Whofoever 'hallgive drinkunto one of theft little ones , a cup of cold water onely , in the Name of a Difciple , hePall not loofe his reward, Match.. a o. 42. Hence obferve Man will fin upon very eafie terms, andfmalleff confiderations. Though there be little got by it, though he get but adraught of water by it ; though his fin bring him in fcarce any thing ofadvantage, yet fin hewill ; the ad of finning pleafeth force, .go imporbira, more than theconfequence or gainof fin. They care not much tb evadit im, whether it be Water or Wine which they drink, J; it be iniquity pius,ut velfov they drink. As the Saints , in a height of holinefs , will do do peccati z good, though they do themfelves littlegood , or get no out- ìmpietati, no: ward advantage by it : They refolve to do good for good fake; mine,nulla pneterea mer- the dutyabfiraftly confidered , or theaft it felf, is the thing cede propafta, that pleafeth them ; fo toa natural man , the very commit- peccato.infer- tingof fin fatisfieth himmore than the outward Income or viar. Revenue of his íin : He Both. evil for evil fake, andferves his lull for love, notfor wages. Fifthly , Drinking is a frequent ad ; a temperate man drinks every day,and often every day ; healthy men eat often, andmoll men drink oftner than they eat : So that to drink iniquity hints alto the frequencíe of committing iniquity. Hence Obferve : dnveieratum A carnal heart fins often : He fins, and fins, he cannot but crc infeparavi- fin, it is a continual,yea,a continued ad ; he bath never done, 18"`""d` he is like the Drunkard that muttalwa s be ti lm Or like imbítum Y p ing. eonfuetudinem the covetous man, who isalways having,and themore he hath denotar. the more he delires to have : Covetoufnefs is a dry drunken- nefs, and Drunkennefs is a wet Covetoufnefs : both return often upon the fame ads ; and fo doth every inner naturally. He cannot ceafefrom fin, as the ApofilePeter fpeaks, Everyima- ginatrons