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Chap.15. An Expofition upon tbe Book of J O B. Nice 16. own heart or hand will break through all opp,;fitions, through Law, through confeience, throughcounfel , through an hoft of threatnings armed againft him, through judgments infí&ed on him, he will break through all thefe, that he may have a draught of his beloved iniquity - water. Secondly, As to drink, notes a thong delire, fo pleafure and content, and where there is a great deale of defire, there is alfo mucks content, and pleafure in drinking. Hence obferve : That it it a verypleafant thingto a carnaliman to fin,hedrinks iniquity, not only like water , but,in thisfence, like thefi eeteff- Wine> adraught of fin is the only Merry-goe.down to acarnall man. A drunkard likes his drinke well, but he likes his drun kennefs better: His liquor is Tweet to him, but O how (*weer is the fatisfying ofhis luftlWhen he hath his defire, he is plea - fed, when he is fruftrated of his delire he is fallen , and like Ahab,when he could not obtain Naboaths Vineyard,he is dii pealed and refufes ( as he did ) to eat bread , becaufe he can not have this water of iniquity to drink. Thirdly , Confider the eatinefsof it, to drink is no hard, labour ; hence we fpeak proverbially , I can do fuck a thing ac eaJily as I can drink; there are no bones in drink : Good li- quor(we fay allo) needs no chewing: Befides,it is Katie to drink, becaufe it is natural to drink ; Children have no Tutors to teach them to drink : Again, to drink water is eafie , becaufe we may get it eafily ; water is not kept under Lock and Key, but in the common Storehoufesor Cellarsof nature. Hence Note A natural man fins with ear ; it is no pain to him to fn Sin is not eafie in the epees, fo it leaves us in Little eafie, pain 1 d.Faciui.è . and furrow enough are the fruits ofit but it iseafie in the entis ballen+o aflr of it ; it is to a wicked heart , as eafieas to drink water in amnia omnü -- which is every way eafie. generi: fcelera For firm, Sin is a common thing, : every where to be had ; fe dat prscipi°. fan may be found ( like water in every Ditch;) finalto is like :ern` Bold, thofe waters which flow naturally, you need not pump for its or fetch it up with Buckets. Secondly , No man needs be taught to fin, children learn that leffon ( and till the Spirit of God teach them, they can- not unlearn it ) without a School-matter, 7r.- Thirdly,