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4 =a; 82 Chap.i 5. An expofition upon the Book of J O B. Verf.19. 7owhom the earth alone was given. In thefe words Eliphaz feems to remove a prejudice that might lie in lobsSpirit againti the teftimonies of thole Anci- ents: For fuppofe they were Wife men , yet he might fay,'tis like they were but mean men, men of no Rank or Quality, men of (mall credit orauthority, and ( we know what Solo- Artur hoc ad men faith, Ecclef. 9. t 6.), vi poor mans vifdom ,ir defpifed , and ampliferan, his words not heard : Therefore faith Eliphaz , you ¡hall not dum authorita- put me offthus , nor difable my witneffes upon a fuppofition, temhorumfar that thefe wife men were mean men, for thefe were Chiefs pientuet,q.d. & and Princes in their Generation ; And he advanceth their Ho- bo tales esnti forum ut Hour two ways ; Fira , in regardof their riches and power, Mere. To whom alone the earthwas given : Secondly,in regard oftheir righteous and jua adminiarations,No ftranger, orftrange thing ed among them ; as if he had Paid , Job, I fpeakof men that were fit tofit at the helm ofa Kingdom,andgovern-Nations ; yea, to have the reines of the World put into their hands; Ifpeakof wife men who by their wifedom,and the bleffng ofGod , have kept the earth quiet, andfo havepofreffed it alone. But it may yet be laid , who were thefe Monarchs of the world, and foie poillffors of the Earth,2owhom alone tbeearth wasgiven ? Some conceive that Elipbaz.means it of Noah and his Sons, who indeed had the world to themtelves ; for the Flood having (wept away all mankind , except that Family, to him and his Sons the earth was given alone , thefe were the wife men ( faith this opinion) from whom Eliphaz re- }a phra ¡y ctived the Dodtine which he communicated to, and prefáed :-umroquitur man patriar_ upon Job ; there was never fuch a Monarch ( except Adam shamNoe the fïrli mantas Noah was,he had the whole world given him: wtmtnibur e- Hence the Antients aile Noah's three Sons, The Commanders ;rrefsl ie.a3old. t/f thoditu, and Colonels ofthe who 'e World :.But I conceive we need not ;irque patros determine it upon thole , though poflibly Eliphaz might have antiqui vacant an aim at them. Mott Interpreters take it in general , of the Noe tresflios, sh old good Princes, ofwhom it may be faid , The earth wasgi- ichili- ven to them, andto them alone;Abrahamwas a great Prince,and or. to him , the Earth (in one fenfe ) was given alone. But who made this great deed of gift? even the moff HighGod, whomA- brahamcalls ( Gen. 14 ,) thepoffeffor of Heaven and Earth : He it is thatthengavel and (till giyes.the earth, and he givesit two,