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Chap.t 5. An Expofition upon the Bótifkéf J O B. Verf:r 9. 83 two ways; firft,by an ad of common providence, thus ( as fob exprefheth it(Chap.9. 24.) The earth io given into the hand ofthe wicked : Secondly , he gives the earth by an at of fpe- dial Providence, or by vertue of a promife; fo Canaan was given to Abraham and his feed,the people ofIfrael ; and thus the Kingdom trFIfrael and Judah, was given to David and his feed. When it is laid here,that the earth was given to fuch alone, Sapient =äb+ the meaning is not that none had any of the earth given,them ter" die; but they, but none had the earth given them as they , bype- , uta bonorunr culiar promife, and fpecial Providence. Further, the giving terrenornm?pf of the earth may be confidered,either as the giving that which flint Domini, is good, or as the giving it for good , as a gift of bounty , or utentes itsad as a gift of mercy ; in the latter confiderations , the earth is ruumin in cod. given to good men alone; None have it for good but they who are good,and they onely makea good ale of it. Hence Obferve That the earth , or earthly things , are difpofed to the Sons of men, by a deed of giftfromGod. Secondly, Wife, holy men, receive the earth andtbe things of the earth, byfpecial gift. Thefe alone receive the earth froma Faucets hand and good will it comes to them in the Covenant of Grace, to which the promife of the earth belongs, as well as of Heaven; God. linefs bath thepromife ofthin life, and of that which id tocome; Oprimorur.. .Saints have the earthand all earthly things given to them, in prinicipum (ir. reference to their being inCovenant with God -; and thus the cumlocutio eft, earth is given to them alone. quorum odor. Again,we may expound that termAlone,by the next claufe, PMicas Jew 7o whom alone the earth was given ; that is, as they had great tuebarat, ooe. poffifions in the earth, fo they had thole poffeflions to them- nemq; hoßiu? n felves without any to trouble, vex,or molefi them, which Eli- injuriara Pro" phaz thus ex pulfabat. Pine. p P refleth : Ruthoritaro Jim ufifuns ad Andno ffrangerpaffed among them. lug bonum f Some read, No Iran a thin a edamon thedt ; Both read, squint ruen- ings are a defcription ofwife and godly Princes , who having dun, 3' ad in- the earthgiven them, No ffranger,, or noftrange thingpapeth a- t Qiienumt thong them. propuifandura..' Stranger: are here taken under adouble notion ; Firfïi , no Jun, in doc. M 2 ffranger,