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Chap. r 5. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf.19. 85 Land, to difturb, or plunder them when God is Paid to give Laws to the Sea,or let bounds to which itfhouldnotpafr; this imports that the Sea like an enemy would march through the Earth, and overwhelm all , unlefs bridled by a Divine de- cree. Butif we take Stranger in the fecond fence, for an Idolater, or a man of unfound Principles, then, No lb-anger palledamong them, is,.fuch werenot received , and embraced by them , nor admittedamongft them. From the fielt Obferve. 7hat it it (as the honour of a people to receive oppreffed flrangers, fo ) the happinefs of apeople to be free from the op- preffion of flrangers. From the fecond Ob(erve. Thar it is the happinefr ofa people to be free from the mixture ofevil men,avhether finch whole warfhip is impure orpoftrine u;t. true: The Lord made frequent promifesof this happinefr to his people ( Ifa. 52.1.)from henceforth there (hall no moro tome into them,tbeuncircumcifed, and the unclean; which is as much as to fay , theflranger ( for all uncircumcifed perlons were flrangers ) fhall not come into thee. We have the like promife ( 7oe13.17.)So(hall ye know that I am the Lordyour God, dive) - ling in Soon, myholyMountain,then (hail Jerrsfalem be holy , and there noftrangerpafr through her ; Why not any firanger ? Forget not to entertainflrangers,faith the Apaftie ( Heb. 13:2.) Jerufalem in her heft days (hall have ftrangers, to be vithed and relieved by her ; but jerufalem fhould have no firangers thofe days to defile and pollute her(Na. i. 15 )Behold upon the Mountain thefeet ofhim that bringetbgood tidings ;for the wic- ked(hall no more pays through theefor be is cut off:TheHebrew is Belialfhall no more pafr through thee. Bella! is he that cannot endure to ferve ; he will not yield obedience to the holy corn- wands of God, he calls offthe yoak of Chritt, and pulls the houlder from his burden.This Belisl(hall no merepafr through thee. The pureft times of the Gofpel are prefentedunder a like promife( Zech. 14.21. ) In that day there be no more the Canaanite in the boufe of tbeLord ofHoff :; That is, the ftra i get and uncircumcifed , the wicked and ungodly _, í]r3ll n® more be mixed withhis people. Thirdly,, inThat he puts fwch under.thenotion of&rangers, WO -