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84 Chap. a 5. an expofition upon the Book of J. O B. Vert:19e firanger , that is no enemy : To clear which notion of the word Stranger, we mutt remember that as the Grecians. (con - eeiting themfelves the bell bred.people in the world ) called all other Nations Barbarians ; fo the people of Ifrael, the fink ofAbraham ( being Gods peculiar Covenant people ) called all other. Nations aliens , or ftrangers, and becaufe they were hated and maligned by all other Nations , therefore theyeat. led all profeffed ftrangers enemies.; fo the word. is ufed ( 7.) Tour landftrangers fhall devour ; that is enemies fhall invade and prevail over you (Pfal, r44 7.) Deliver me out mu of the handof ftrange Children, or out ot,the hand of ftrangers; Amur* hoc that is, out id:n ell of the hand of urine enemies : the Latine word sus. linis.5an,. Alienttr, is often put for Haftic , and the Roman Orator telleth d aJl. aped us, That he rrho now is called a firanger , ryas called an enemy by slarorernoflror, our A,tceficra.. Thereafon was, becaufe ftrangers proved un- fe nurn kinds to yea, turned enemies againft thofe that entertained cicib, them : As formerly Kings were called Tyrants , but be- s,offic, eLufe many Kings oppretÍed their people , therefore now op-. prating Princes onely are called Tyrants. So then , to fay no- firanger paired among them, is as much as to fay , no enemy, none to moleli or Ali& paired among them. 47tffiepparet Again the word Stranger is taken for one that is erroneous, 719ndehalle or idolatrous ; fora man unfound in Dotrine,, or fuperlliti- eemporali fd ous in worlhip ;, Wi(e,men to whom alone the earth was gi- tuam'Vent re` yen, had no loch firanger palling among them ; they .werenot ;igione rddi. mixed with idolatrous and uncircumcil d Nations , ther did m eft, vet communicate with them in worthip , as in after times the peo- §ui numinJ pie of ;l f fuel did. jf taColit This notion of the firanger, is an advantage to Eliphaz, as if he had :aid, The wife men whore authority I produce in this caufc, were found in judgment, and pure in worthip they did ,rot mingle themfelves with Idolaters and Hereticks, they neither learned their works , nor received their Do urines , and are therefore w,itniffes worthy of credit, and a- gaintl whom their lies no judi exception. Na firanger palled a- mong them, If we take (ranger in the firft fente for an enemy, then the wordPalled frgnifiesas much as invaded , and may well be tranflated to a military motion : No firanger or enemy ,pal; fed is, not mirchcd among them, or through their Land,,