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Chap. aE. e%in expofitisn upon the Book, of J o E. Vert. 14. is his light ; As his Tabernacle is full of the creature, fo he is full of confidence in his Tabernacle ; There he lives, and there he loves, yet nothing can prote& him from the utter extirpation, when thewrathof God begins to dig about him ; His confidence Ball be rooted up. This Bildad further aggravates in the lift part of the verfe; And it (ballbring him to theKing of terrours. It fall bring him ; what (hall bring him ? his broken confi_ de=uce will doe it ; when confidence is fpoyl'd, man is amazed ; This brings to the Kingof terrours. And who is this Kingofterrours? The King of terreurs ! a firange title ! we have heard and read ofmany titlesgiven to theKings ofthe earth, but rarely, if at all, of fuch a one as this. Who is this Kingof terrours ? This blacke Prince, or (as fome tranflate) Prince of clouds and darkneffe, becaufe darkneffe and clouds are full of ter- rour. It was {hewedbefore that force interpret the firft-borne ofdeath, principemWd to be the Devill, becaufehe bath the power of death. The fame monum inteui- opinion concludes The King ofterrours tobe the Devill, or Beel- git, fcut pax .ebub the Prince of Devil's. As the Poets fabled "Pluto King of p fern x s fné m - thofe infernal' Territories. runt. Rab: The Scripture fpeakes fometimes poetically, yet alwayes ho- set: lily and fpiritually. Scriptura ali- Secondly The Kingofterrours, is firong and mighty terrour. 40 x dui poerc: As thefirfi-borne ofdeath, notes the melt deadly death,fo,the King Zex tetrorum of terreurs according to that Hebraijfme notes thofe terrours viderur póraf which are moft terrible. Such terrour as overcomes, fubdues, and tiebraica die: keepes downe all other terrours, and makes them as fubjetis to it, maxim & fuck a terrour as is chiefeft and greateíi among terrours, that is, p, e 'i.0' . i terror, gut nter the Kingof terrours. ester°, ortaci- This Hebraijfme is frequent in Scripture, in the language patum tenet. whereof a man of bloods is amofi cruel bloudy man, and a man Pined: , of deceits, is a man exceeding deceitful) ; and aman offorrowes ( as Chrifi is called Ifa: 53. 3.) is a man full of forrow ; and a woman of fornications, is awoman extreamely immodeft, and given up to unclean defires. Hence this general) rule. , That a N z fu fan- 9Y