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9T Chap. % 8 An Expefätion upon the Book of J O B. Vert f.¢, yet wecannot roote firmely there, unieffe we are rooted in Je- fus Chrift. To r"oote in Tabernacle-worke, or in the bare ufe . of ordinances, as if that would carry it, and commend us to God when there is noheart-worke, when there is no looking to the power of godlineffe , and to communion with Chrift.; what is this but building upon the fand ? Many come often to the Tabernacle, who are rneere ítrangers to Chrift; they ufe pure ordinances but are themfelves impure. Thefe may have agreat name in the Tabernaclefor, :a while, but God blots their names, and roots, their hopes out of the Tabernacle, yeahe puts them from the bornes of the Altar, or ílaves them there, as Sc lemon gave commandement concerning ?cab. (Many Jhall fay, Lord,Lord.,have we not prophesied in tóiy name, &c. 7o whimChri t will profefe, I never knewjots, depart fromme yee that zworke ini- quitie, (Match. ?. 22, 23. ) That Text is this fécond interpre- tation of the Text in hard, and fpeakes to us fully what it is (in this fence,) for any man to have his confidence rooted out ofthe Tabernacle. Yet, thirdly, I conceive we are to expound this Scripture ofa. vulgar Tabernacle; and then his confidence(hall be rooted out ofhis Tabernacle, is nomore but this, it (hall be rooted out ofthe place wherehe dwells; as ifBildad had Paid, the wicked man bath a great deale of confidence in his outward fitte and worldly prö- íperity, in the riches, honour, and greatneffe ofhis houfe, yet all thefe (hall faylehim And then the ac: of trufting is put for the' thing,trufted unto ; His confidence; that is, that which he confi- ded in, (hall be rooted out of his Tabernacle, he truffed in and boaffed ofthe multitude ofhis riches, when fuddenly theymade . themfelves wings, and fled away. Hence note ; Firft There is maof trance ofearthy things. Confidence in that which perifheth in the ufing, muff needs milliwhen we come to ufe it. Secondly, Obferve; Where a wicked mans greatefi confidences are , there his greateft difappointments are. The world is his God , the earth is his hope , his Tabernacle is