Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v6

To the Chriflian Reader, lightgiven himbefore he can favingly receive that light which is externally offered him ; And whofoever thus receives the light offered, B mares that as much his owne (in his own capacity as it was the offerers. Andforafmuch as there are manyunftable and unlearned ones (fo the Apofile Peter exprefreththem, 2 Epitie 3. z 6.) who(at leafl prefuntinq tofee without, i fnot fco'ring tofee by the light whichothers offer ) wreft not only the Epif}les of Paul, in which (asthe Apofile Peter there affirmeth) are many things hard to beunderiovd, but all other Scriptures to their owndeftruaion, it cannot be reafonablyjudgedadiffervice either to Godor to his people, to endeavour (in the utmoft im- provement ofgifts and light reccived) a right interpretationofthem. And though we dare not offer our interpretations under the Title of In- fallible and fo challenge a dominion over the faith ofothers, yet we may be helpers both of theirjoy andknowledge. We are commanded to try the fpirits whether theybe of God (i Job. 4. i.) We muff not rejec°i all Spirits, becaufe poffibly many arenot ofGod. The Spirit ofGod is above all tryall;, but there are Spirits (even theSpirits orfpirituall gifts ofall men) which a muí