Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v6

To the Chriftian Reader, felfe apprehends : yet the apprehenfions of this or that man may be very ferviceable unto ma- ny others ; andare often the meanes which God ufeth and bletfeth for the leading of their un- derflandings into the way bothof truth and ho- lines, Nor can they whoare thus led, be there- fore juftly charged tofee, f piritually, with other mens eyes, becaufe others have been inffrumen- tallfor the opening of their eyes, or that they fee by other mens light, becaufe others have been helpfull in bringing them from darkne f fe unto light ; nomore then they can be charged to fee, corporally, with other mens eyes, whofe eyefight bath been cured (as a fecond caufe) by the skill of maw, or, that they fee by other mens light, whofawnothing tilla windowwas opened to them. For the light which; any man brings and holds forth, becomes every mans proper light, who is enabled to receive it and feeby it. The Gofpel is held forth to Thou- fands towhomyet it is hid ; The God of this Worldhaving blinded the eyesof their minde, left the light ofthe Glorious Gofpcl ofChrift, who is the Image of God,, íhould fhineunto ( or irradiate) them, that is, fbine into them. that everyfoulmufi : have an internall eye or light