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Ioz Chap. t8, efln E'xpofition upon the Took of J o a. Vert.' 5 çreat Owl snake her Heft, and lwy and hatch, and gather under her Jhhadow : therefbalf the Vultures alfo begathered, every one with her mate. See how large the Spirit of God is in defcribing thefeun- couth Inhabitants. When wicked men are gone, then wild beaffs, Owls and Satyrs, whatfoever can be aflfi&tve, or unwelcome to the fpirit of man, is Pent in to take up its lodgings and gooell it in the houles ofthat finfull generation. I finde a learned Commentator, who colie.`fs this from the latter part ofthis claufe, from .Mibili lo, which we render, Ile_ caufe it is none ofbis : he finds thefe wild beaft5 in that exprcffi. on, and therefore he Both not take the word AI,bili, for an ads N n fumo ao-2 verb negative, as we doe, but for a noune , figni;Bing c-rraption, cow a1] L eli, or putrifa Lion , from the Hebrew word Balah to decay or wax pro negations, old.. So the word isufed (1ra 38. i 7. ) fron the pit of (Beli, ) feu de ruction or corruption. Thus force render that in the 6th non, our at,fq; P Chap- ;it fire omnes ter of this Book, ver.6. Can that which is unfavoury be eaten with- Arnow, fedpro out falt ? Mibili Can that which is unfavoury through the cor- nomine , quod ruptionoffalt , or which having been faked is now corrupted, sorrrsyrionem ( can that) be eaten t as was fhewed upon the place. Now ta- mutatem, Q?c, jgnificat, a vcr_ king that tranffation, here is a plaine defcription of noyfome torq j quoi creatures, or vermine, dwelling in the wicked mans boule,, e13 vetctafcere, As ifto the queflion, Who than dwell there ? This anfwer were putt? fe,i, returned ; There (halt dwell in his Tabernacle, whatfoever is Bold. engendred of corruption, or filthineffe, whatfoever derives its pedegree from, or is the off-fpring of any naffines or uncleane-. nes, adhering to and remaining in his Tabernacle, this is the Tribe that than dwell there. As if he had faid; when he isgone out ofhis houfe, the f inke, corruption, and filth that he left behinds, him, (ball breed filthy creatures, nattymonfters snow to inhabits Isis Tabernacle ; we knowmanynoyforce creatures proceedfrom patrifac- tion,fuch as are mice, rats,andfpiders, as Naturaliffs obferve, and experience teacheth. Thus we feewhat varietie ofconje&ure there is about the an- tecedent ofthis word, who are the tenants of this wicked mans houfe when he is eje&ed. Ifwe follow our tranflation, that leads us to the third interpretation before given; It, that is, deflru&ion,, or want that! dwell in his Tabernacle, Obferve hence; The