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Chap. is. e. An îvpofttion upon the Book. of o B. Vert 15. ther we fay,defirullián,or fare, !hail dwell there, itmatters lit- tle ; for the difference is not confiderable between thefe inhabi- tants, the one being the iflue or confequent of the other. A third ; Want !hall dwell in his Tabernacle; nothing, or have- nothing tiiall d.tiellin his Tabernacle ; which is made our by reading the words, Mibili lo, for anominative cafe, Mibili to shalldwell inhis Fabernacle, that is, Want ; or, nothing to him ; he (hail have .nothing remaining in his Tabernacle when his perfon is gone, his elate !hail be gone too ; nothing (hall dwell there ; , his houle (haft be full of want, re;>lenifhed with empti- neff : fcarcitie flail be the furniturne of this mans habitation his hQufe hhall he ( according to that defcriptionof the earth, be<tre the Lord put that rude heape into this exquifit method ) without forme and voy.!; 'cmptinefíeandconfufion fhall lodge in his houle for ever. Laftly , It!hall dwell; That is, (as fume conceive ) fome wild -beaft or noyfome creatures !hall dwell in his Tabernacle ; When one beef? is out, many other.beafls ¡ball come in; It fhall bedwelt in by Satyres and Serpents, &c. And this isveryconfonant toother Scriptures. For we finde it threatned as a judgement upon wicked places, that the wicked being thruft out , wild beafts fhould fue- ceed them, and hateful! birdsmake their nefts, where men offuch hateful! conditions 'netted. (Ifa. 13. i9, 20, 2 t, 22. ) Baylon 'Ball neverbe inhabited, neither(hall it be dwelt infromgeneration togeneration ; neither¡ball the Arabianpitch tent there,neither¡ball the Shepheards male their fold there. But wild beerys ofthe defers 'hall lie there, and their houfes¡ball befull ofdoleful! creatures, and Owlet ¡hall dwell there, andSatyrs!hall dance there. Andthe wild leafs ofthe *ands ¡hallcry in their defolate hou/es, andDragons in their pleáfant pallaces, and her time is neare to come, and her dales ill not be prolonged. Againe,Ifa. 3 4.1 I.&c.The Cormorant,and the Bitternfhallpef- fe it,the Owl alfo 6- the Raven!balldwell in it,and hefhallJlretch out upon it the line of confufion, and the!ones ofemptine ffe. cAnd thornes foal!grow sop inher Palaces, nettles and brambles in thefora trefes ìehereof,and itfball be an habitationforDragons, and a Court for Owls. Thewildbeats of the defer: Jhall altomeet with the mild beats of theI fland,and the Satyr ¡ballcry to hisfellow,the Shrichowi alfo'1 all refl there,and findfor herfelfeaplaceofref.Therefball the great IOt NobiJ aridetxr 7ó 1`1 v7z?a p,o no.rntnat,io ee. Grace tic, aprimt, rerldtl:o tea, ÓtKYt?_t 4/ or"t 0eb ñ à7- 7Ñ TÓ ILEA LW zw, I : U Va- Xqtp vet Kt Tbeodol,) dit , attaag. p,ta, inopia._ c0c. Habitat in ten. torio ejt+t tt;it;1 habere. Hab tabi+ttr a fera aligas dj beftia fangui- naáia.