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104. Chap: 18, eA'n expofition upon the Book of Jos. Verf,t j, be foarebafe men and then the Tabernacle ofhim who is not is the Tabernacle of a vile perfon. Or it is a defcription of one who is dead. Death is often noted in Scripture by a not being : Per. 3 1. Rachel weepingfor ber children, becaufe they are not, would not be comforted. Revel. 17.8. The beaft which wars, and isnot; That is, who is dead and gone, his power is broken. So, Esek, 28. 19. Thou flialt be a terrour, andneverfhalt thou be any more ; That is, thou fink dye. No ei aoplim Secondly, Thus; It (ball dwell in his Tabernacle, besaufe it defe,viet town !ha no more be tohim ; That is, his Tabernacle (hall no more be, tabernatylam for his ufe or habitaion, therefore deftruóion orwild beafts may dwell in it, or take it up. A third, renders as we ; or we from him ; becaufe it is none of his. The negativeparticle, is alto caufall. _And then the fence is this ; It (hall dwell in his Tabernacle, becaufe it is none ofhis ;; That is, he never got it honeftly. So our late Annotatorsgive the fence; He did not come truly by it. This expofition is clear as giving anaccount why judgement dwells in a wicked mans bode. when he dyes, even becaufe it is none ofhis. It was undulygotten, and un utllykept. So, here is a corre Lion he calls it his Taber- nacle, in the former part of the verfe; but now he faith, it is none ofhis. For this Tabernacle was let up, by oppreflion, bribery, and injuttice, and fo maintained. He built his houle by unrighteouf_ neffe, and nowhe is gone, nothing thall dwell in it but mifery, and judgement. When the earthly houleof his'perfonall Taber- nacle (hall be diffolved, the Tabernacle wherein his perfon hou- fed, (hall be left utterly deftitute. Hence obferve; Firít, That whicha mangets unjufly, is none of his, he bath no right to it. Pined. Eo, quad non fit ipf+u \Taub! I ,""zn fe. pè caufam fub- indicat, ut min fit ex q. d. ex co, quod non eft iptius. Non dl ipGus, quis WIG! rap- it, i. e. rapta confruxit. Mtrc. Signiicat wri- te impi; dotnum adalienot Iran jturarn, quod ipfe illam run frit fumptib.a, fed alienitdif- pendüs rait' Manbath no right to poffeffe that which he bath obtained unrighteoufly. The Apofile fpeaking to. the Church of the The,¡Jalonians,.(z Thef 3. 1Z. ) dire&s all in their callings to be diligent, and laborious ; and why ? ifa man be idle, and negli. gent, and will not take paines in his calling. all the bread he eats he (leales, it isnone ofhis : therefore he addes; thecommand, andexhort you,bythe Lord Petits Chriff,that witb gttietnes bework, and eat his ownbread: they who doe not ,worke, eat the breadof other AnnommusioNnita