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Chap. 1:8. An Éxpofetion upon theRook pf J O B. Verf. i6. 113 and withered', P131.90.6. The ftrongeft ofmen are but as graffe, in the morning they grow ; The belt oftheir worldly beauty is but like graffe, for both they and it, they and they their glory are cut downe and wither in the Evening, At what time foever man is cut downe, it is his Evening, but to thew that man fhall not continue long, he is here meafured by the lengthofan artifici- all day, whereof the evening is rather the limit, then a part. Now if the beauty of all men be thus fubjeç`t to a fudd aine de- cay, how much more they,and theirs, whoare the fp eciall ob-. jells of the wrath ofGod, becaufe oftheir fpeciall firms. The Prophet Amos feemes to imply, that the Amorites had fome hopes- to withftand their overthrow, and preferve themfelves from a fall : Yet Ideftroyed the Amorite before them. What was this Amorite ? His height was like the height ofthe Cedars. There was his flourifhing branch. Andhe wasfirong as the Oaks (deeply rooted)yet Ideftroyed.hisfruitfrom above, & his rootsfrom beneath, ( Chap.z.9.) Thoughhe were in heightlike the Cedar, though he were for ftrength like the Oak, yet up camehisroote, and downe came his top. The creature is no match for the Crea- tor. There is no fecuring our felves againft God, when he comes to take vengeance ; borh root, andbranch, beautie, and ftrength mutt wither, and dry up before his confumiug jea- loufie. , Hitherto Bildad hath covered and wrapt up his meaning in Allegories in the allegory of light ; in the allegoryof hunt- ing, and fowling ; in the allegory of a judiciary proceeding ; and now in the allegory of a Tree. In all which, though there be much varietie of ufefull meditations for us, yet they all meet in this one great conclufion, that God hathprepared, and will certainly bring forth ruine and defruecion for the portion of wicked men. oB.