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114 Chap. t 8. eiín Expofition spot; the Book of J o B. Vert, 17 o B. Chap. t 8. Verf. 1 7, 1 8 1 9 , 20, 2 1 . His remembrancefiall perttfh from theearth : andhe fuall have no name in the f reet. Hefhall be dr,=ven cutfrom lightinto darknefe,ind chafed out ofthe world. He fh.all neither havefon,nor nephew among his pe.1ple nor any rent lining in his clan lul ngs. 7hey that eome after himAil! be ,r fionied af. his day, as they 'that went before were affrighted, Sorely fuck are the du ellrngs of the tvich<ed, and this is ¡he place ofhim that knowethnot God, Flat the Difciples Paid to Chrift, 70h.16.2,9. the fame may we to Bildad about this (hut'ing up of his dif- courfe ; Nowfpeakt f thou plainly, andn,parable.. Thefe words are the plaine Englifh, or the explicationofwhat he had deli- *éred under the vayle ofthofeMetaphors and Allegories alrea die opened. In them Bildad fhadowed the efface ofa wicked man ; and here he Pets it in the open light. In the context of thefe five verfes, we havethree things efpe- cially to take notice of. Firft, A defcription of the mifery of a wicked man in the a 7, a8,i 9 verles. Secondly, We have the effects which this (hall produce, verb. 20. Thirdly, The concluflon or upfhot of all, in a rhetorical! exclamation, verf 2a. The mifery ofthis wicked man is let forth three wayes. Fir ft, By his difhonour, verf. 17. -His remembrance !hall pe- rif he"hallhave no name. Secondly, By his death, orbanifhment, verf.' a8. He be driven oteefrom light to darknes, he j 'allbe chafed out ofthe world, Thirdly, By the defolation of his family ; HeJhall neither havefon nor nephew, nor any remaining in his dwellings, verf. a 9. The effets which follow this great mifery of the wicked rnan,,