Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v6

To the Chriftian Reader, wants ofChrift through the infirmities of their iefh are oftenweariedat theirwor&,yet through theftrength ofhis Grace, theyfiallnot be weary ofit ) but becaufe when that which is imperfe51, or (as the Apoftlefjeab<e.r, i Cor. Y 3. )1 o.) in part fhall be done away, then that will be come which is perfeá. Onely my feare is thatfome arefo bufe in decrying thefe things (whichwe readily acknowledge to have many imperfe5ii.. ons in them) thatfor haft they would doe them away (in their own andothers wrong) before that which is perfe6i be come unto pm Prophe.. cy fhall ceafe andknowledge (ofthis fïze and as now attained) {hall be doneaway ; But when thefeceafe, in order to Gods appoyntmeñt, thofe weakneffesand wants in thefonnes ofmen (hall ceafe alfo, to cure andfupply whith they were appoyntcd by God. How happy andglorious a thing were it, ifwe couldfee this age approve itfelfe fuch as bad no needto be taught ? or that the fymptomes ofthe f zmefïc&ncp and impo- tents both ofjudgement and price did not nowdifcoverthemfelve: asfirmer* ? H9772 ma- ny are there who fjéake much of the holy -and blcßed Spirit ( concer ìing rrh Um we can neither ffeake nor boat too much) who yet walke of a^ ter