Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v6

To theChrinianReader. ter the fie,fh ? How many difcaurfe.high...f.con, cerning which allour .dzfcourfes fall too low ) ofthofenew Heavens, and of that. new Earth, wherein dwell(th righteonfneire,, whoyet defile andpollute the oldwith their unrighteoufneffe ? can we behold he Image of that Glory, which we jbould continually Waite for, [lampt upon the waycs ofmen .? And while the agingsofmen are, every where, thy/J low and earth!y;cloth the age look like that which is ei- ther aguallyabove or bath neer out-grown :tea, thing ? As for my felfe, Idefire AmidHive. to that clay- ) whenmy Lord andMailer cometh, to befoundThus doing, It is dangerous to lay down or departfrom the pra5ice of known dit- ties, upon the expegation offurther priviled- ges, Or tofay, we need not now doe that which fbortly (poply veryfbortly ) we'ball need tas doe no more Eachftate bath its proper rules and helps, and to themwe mullfubìnit, till we are removed ont offuch.afrate, 'Tis no wifdome for, adim-fighted manfl prefently, to throw away his SpeCiacles, thoughhe be affured that ,within a, whilehis eye-fightJhall be cleared, Chriftian Reader, let youandIbe, not onely content edbut,thankefull that wemay behold the. Glory