Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v6

Chap. t8. Au Expoftion upon the Book, of J 013. Verf 18. i i9 ftruc`tures, are buried in an eternall night offorgetfulneffe, or fune, (as this Text fpeakes)their remembrance is perifhedfrom theearth. eaft obliterarú And as this befell thole Tonnes ofambition, who intendedto t:tn:rie) sitatii make themfelves famous with pofterity, by ereBeing thofe vain- pGm. L 36. C. glorious fabrickes ; fo much more will it fall to their lot, who t 2. hope to make themfelves famous, by wicked works, by in- juftice, tyranny, and oppreffion, by voluptuoufneffe, intempe- rance, or any other abhomination. The Lord will fend a rot upon fuck names, and their memory (hail perifh for ever. This is the firtt judgement threatned ; He (hall not have an ho- nourable mention among men ; He (hall have no name in the t`reete. The fecond is Verf. i 8. He/hall be driven outfrom light to dark neffe,and chafed osee of the world. He fball be driven.]Theword notesa forcibleviolent orcorn- pulfory aet he (hall be driven, like a beat againft hiswill, or whether he will or no. But what Thai! drive him or who fhail drive him ? The Hebrew is plurali, and the verb which we read paffively, is a&ive ,-fo it is rendred by a learned tranflator ; Theyfßiall drive him. But who are thefeDrivers ; who they are is not expreft. Some underftand his troubles, and forrowes Expellent exx they (hall drive him from light to darkneffe, he (hall dye under Mont. the preffure of his ailicions. Others referre it to God himfelfe, who is the fupreamedif- pencer ofjudgements; He (hail be drivenby God, or God (hall drive him from light todarknefe, andchafe him out of the world. But whaher we apply it to God the efficiei , or to thofe afi fli&ions which are the inftrument of his expulfion, the fence and tendency ofthe Text is the fame. HeJhall be driven [from light to darkneffe.] From a three-fold light to a three-fold darkneffe ; firft, from thehet ofhonour, to the darkneffe ofdifgrace; fecondly, fforn the light of life, to the darkneffe nfdeath ; thirdly, from the light of temporal! felicity, to the darkneffe of eternall mifery and condemnation : whether foever, or into what eftate foever he goes. He ßoall be driven. So the wrathful! dealingof God with