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I22. Chip. I$. e 'n £xpo.ftion upon the Boole of J O B. S.ctandly, Obferve ho v he puts this as a fpecia'I judgement belonging to wicked igen, f..r though fornetimes it be the lot ofgodly men, to Lave ce,ther fin, nor nephew, ror any re. nnaining in their dwellings. ( Some goe d. men never i ad f, n or r.epliew, and others have been bereaved ofall they l:ad ) }yetthis is roç f great an afilAtin to a godly man, as it i to the un- god y. I Jr he that can call God father,. and'fpeake to Chril+ as his brother, he that is allyed to all the Saints in Heaven and Earth, in a fpirituall relation, Lath no wart of nacurall rela- tions, though he bath them not : it is ro great matter to him, though he have neither fon nor nephew, who is an adopted fonof God. As before, in reference to honour, and'renowne ;. a godly 'man can fps e his honour, and credite in the world well enough ; becaufe he bath fo.good a name in -heaven;. he is fo well repor- ted ofwith God, that if the wicked trample his honour in the dill:, and reproach him here on earth,, be bath no re.ifon tole ell-comforted. So, he can (pare, and be without the outward blellings of Ions and daughters, ofnephews and friends, becaufe he bath h'gher alliences, and a more noble confanguitie, as the Prophet fpeaks ; God bath given him a name better then that of fon3..and daughters, .( Ifa. 56 5.) But for a wicked man, ifhe want fons,and nephews, to inherite his eftate, and to carry onhis .port in the world.;he that bath thing to relieve that want ; He that is childlef e, and Chrifleffe too, "bath reafon to weep for his children, and not to be comforted.bec.aufe they are not. The fruit of the body was put among the promifed blefiìrgs to the }ewes,( `Deut. 28. I 1 . ) Children are the comfort oftheir li- ving parents, and the continuance of their name and memory itiaóc',r"oré whet: theydie. That promife ( 72.17. ).fpeakes this fui- ews Mont i e. iru'tifi;ij.nomé ly ; His name (ball endurefor ever..; kis name (hall becontinued ou e ns dedwentin- ;longas the Sunne.,.men 'hall be bleffed in him.; all nationsJhallcall on,nes Genera -him bld j'd. The Hebrew' is; He ßall be as aIon to continue his ai°nee, vet its fathers namefor ever. So we reade in the margitre. Some render r i;iì e the Lace His rame all be onned or fonnified if I may fpeake tÿ,j,}igeJ}a,ec p lh Î a Y P finguii opera fo:; that is, his name by many fonnesibalfbe continued. This - rrntfi'ij qai wa; a.prophecy concerning.Jefus Chrift. As if the feverall a&s, (""t n "orta'e (fo,fflme interpret it) and palfages of.'Chrifts life fhould be as qtr peewit. fo ;nan formes, to declare `his name to all Generations But Veri. t g