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fiàp. i8. n Repoi:ion upon Phe Bookaf JO B. Verf 20 I27 .bath wonlerfull mercies and blcüîngs in iiore for his péople, aga nit that great day of .dais appearing ; he a ill then come to be admired in all therm that belervr(2 is; he will dne fueh things for belcevers as í1u11 be both to their own'ard `others admiration ; fohis workes of judgetrents ihali he admi- red too ; He wili make the. piagnesofthewickedwoi:delfu'.'. The Lord threatne, that (1)eut.28 59.) I will make thy plagurs vorderftol. Such was the defolarion prophecied agaii 11 Tircu ) iill the inhabitants of the lfles(hall be aflos ifb d t thee;their Kings (ball beforeafraid. They (hall not be afraid of ghee, but for thee. They hall not be afraid of thy Banding, but at thy overthrow. So ( Etek. 32. to.) at the í ll ofE ypt, Tea Iwill make manypeople amazedat thee,and their Kings !kill be horribly afraidfor thee. YPhcn I!hall brandill, myfw.rd before thin; arced-they fhall tremble at every mrmenr,every manfor hú own life in the dayof thy fall, &c. See how the Merchants (hall be afio. ifhed et the fall of Babylon, ( Rev.18 t I.1 50) The judgement upon. ?czabcl ( z King.9.37.) is expreffcd by fometranflarors in the languageof Afionifhment;The carkoffeof yezabelfliail-be as dung in the field in the-portion of 7czreel : So that they (ball not fay this ú ob'u; e rcr qïi yez ebe1. Thus we tranflate : others render it ;Thecarkä4.eof fezebel"hall be as dung in thefield in the portion of7ezreel ;So that co boa, íla J?Ç. they ( being amazed) (hallfay, Is this 7ezabel ?What ; is this?e- vbd ? zabel ?is fhe becomeas dungin the face oftitle field;who fo late- ly fate upon a throne what ; is this the that painted-her face, and looked fo delicatelyout at the window-; the grearcommar,- dreffe in Ifrael, is this fezabel ? Thus they wonder. The judge- ment denounced upon the houleof Eli, made the cares ofthofe that heard it tingle, (r Sam.3. t 3.)That which makes the care tingle, will alfòmake the heart tremble, and amaze the hearer.. Now Bildad (huts' up his argument havingthuslaiddowne the lot of the wicked, and Pet it out in fèvera'll portions , he gives ( as it were ) a confirmation to all, heputs his Peale to it. As if he had fail, I' have not fpoken at randome, ',have not fpoken what may be ; but I have fpoken thatwhich'fhall be, this (hall certainly come to paffe. And if others (hall beafio- nifhed who heare or fee ,onely, howThal! they whobeate.andv fete thofe .calamities ?