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r 26 Cliap.r 8 .2x FA:Toth-ion got: the Bookof J O B. Verf zo his day ucoming: What day ? The day ofhis ruine, and de- ftrud'on ; this ilia!l fuddenly come upon him. To the firne fence the word is urd ( fal. i 37. 7.) Remarter O Lrdre children of Edom, in 'he c'et_y of ?erufa tern. Was this theday of?.- rufa and glory ? no, it was the dayof 7er:era/Lira kms triumph, mifery, and forrow, it was the day when the children of Elm cryed ; Rafe it, rafe it even to the foundations thereof. in ti:e Pro- phsrcy ofObadiah ( verf. 12. ) Thou ouldefi not have 1okEd on the day ofthy brother ; That is, upon the day ot hi afflid ion, or up- on the afflidionof chat day. What!. may wenot look upon the ofour brethren ? yes we may, to pzie, and compaf- , fionate them, but we mull not lookeupon them with pleatilre or del ghe, with contempt or forne, as the Ealornite.s d d ; thou thouldeft not have looked fcornfully, or conEcndully up. on the a.fflidions of thy brother; The dayof thy brothers affi. dion thould have been a fad day to thee. Thus it is frequent in Scripture to call the dayof afflietion a day emphatically. And fo we may interpret that of the A- pale, (i Cor. 3. I 3. ) where he defciphers feserall forts of 41oCtrines, wider thofe al'egoricall expreffiong, ofgaa' ard ofwood,hay,and finible. .Now( faith he )every mans storke Ihall be tryed, it {half be made marnftft ; for the dayfhall declare it. What day ? the day oftryall ; he puts the day alone, for theday oftry. all, or of judgem¡pt, when God that! torne to lay the worke, and the rule togettltr, when he thall bring ftuFble, &c. and the fire together ; the day oftryall thall difcover and make manifell, Dies in quib, what every mans worke is. So here; They [hall be afionilked at impims ey his day., that is, at the day of his ,afflidion. 'vh awn° - Further, this, is called Isis day, to note, that it is his °fright, dam habet 6. or that it is his due. For all the good and comfortable dayes 4maft alienosnon that he lives, areborrowed days, they are but lent him, onely the oprzos. vial day, is his day ; that's his owne. Hence obferve, that The Lord willfend/tech jgdgeMents upon the wicked, as bean 4finilhment and an affrightment to thole who behold or heare ofthem. As the workes of mercy which God bahdone for Lis peor are wondesfull, (P/al. 78. 4. Pfel. 107. a 5.) And as God