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Chap. 19. An Expefition upon the Boob of JOB. Vert 2. but know when this defolation fhould end, it would be fome comfort in the midfl ofthat defolation ; eflnd hefaidunto me tuo- tilt en o thoitfandand three hundred dayer,thenihall theSanhtrary be cleanfed ; Though this answer had much obfcuritie in it, yet it had fome comfort in it. To hear ofa period ofour troubles, though we can fcarfe picke out the time of that period, is fork abatement of our troubles. It troubles us to flay long from the injoyment of good, but it troubles us much morewhile we are long, and know not how long we fhall be under the indu- rance of evil. Many are readie so fay in there troublefome times, if we could but fee an end-of ourtroitbles, ifwethought there would be an end of-thefe wirres, we could more chear- fully beare theexpense bothofour blond arid treafure. When will there be an end ? But what is all this length to theendleffe length of thofe troubles, which are the portion of impenitent fìnners. What will they fay, where good fhail never beenjoy- ed, and evil! for ever felt How long ? will be the Cry in hell for ever ? how lone !hall we indure ? when'witl this end ? no date, no period can be fet to thehow long ofthat mifery. And this snakes every moment of thifery as miferable as the eternitie of it. And indeed, every moment of an eternal! mifery, bath an eternitie in it ; As every moment.of.eternal! mercies islike an eternity ofinercy. How long willye vexmyfoule? Secondly, Obferve.; Thofe afi1lion.rptire us mofi that reach ourfpirits. The foule it felfe cannot be pained, it being.a fpirituall'fub- fiance, bath nothing to doe with fencible paffions yet paine and trouble in their effe&s, griefe and "furrow, may quickly -palle thorow the tfefh to the fpi-rit ; There are fome evills which doe not make fo much as a skar in the fiefh which makedeepe wounds in the fpirit. Chrift fweat drops ofblood in the-agony of his feule, before. any hand touched his body ; and force evills make deepe wounds intheflefh, which make not the leaftfcratch upon the foule ; yea, the foule may rejoyce, triumph, and glo- ry, while the body is martyred and torne in pieces; but thofe .afilitions which wound and .vexthe foule, -are .griveousï as