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142 Chap.19 An expoftion upon the Book of J OB. Verf a fleecing elf ma- hem confoleri ? as thofe mercies are fweeteft, which refrefh the foule, & comfort our fpirits ; many enjoy mercies which comfort and refrefh their bodies, but they know not what it meares to have their foules comforted. Now as thofe comforts are molt comforta- ble which comfort the foul, fo thofe forrowes aremolt for. rowfull which afflift the foul ; O, faith afflided 7o6, Ye vexmy foule; were it but my Beth which the Devill wounded at the firit, I could beare it ; The Sabeans took ycb'., eflate away, and Satan fmote his body from the crowne ofthe head to the foale ofhis foot with botches and fores, but hisfriends gave forer wounds, they vexed his foule by their unkindneffes, and we (hall fee his foule wounded farther by and by ; now onely remember that foule wounds are the foreft wounds. Thirdly, Compare this vexation of ro6's foul with the in- tention of lob's friends in vifitinghim, as bath been toucht be- fore upon Rime other paffages ofthis booke; they didnot plot upon him to vex him, nor had they a defigne to troublehim, doubtles the men had upright hearts, and feared God they came really to comfort him, and doe him good yet all the paines they tooke with him was onely a paine tohim, hisfoule was vexed. We may intendcomfort to our friends, and yet one- ly trouble them ; we cannot give our aftions that effect which we defigne them to ; 7o6 found it fo in his friends. And he might fay to them ; you came to comfort me, if vexing a foule be comforting it you have comforted me with full meafure ; But calliope this comforting an ofiftedfriend ? is this the lifting of him up that isfallen ? Onely Godcan make our counfels and our perfons comfortable to others ; As for us we may fpeakewords in the matter comfortable, as well as in our intendment, and yet no comfort come to thofe we have a minde to comfort. (Ifa.5o.4.)Thouhat givenme the tongue ofthe learned,that 'may know how to rpeake a word in feafon to him that is wear); To com- fort is a gift of God, a fpirituall gift, andas a power to com- fort, fo the prefent aft is the fpeciall gift of God ; a man may have the gift of applying the confolations of the Gofpel, and yet not give comfort. God hath charged theufe ofall Gofpel meines upon us, both to fave and comfort our foules, but he bath referved the fruit and fuccefl'e of both in his own power. We mutt at once thew our diligence about the meares, andour dependance