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Chap. 19. ,?n Bxpefrtion upon the Bookof J OB. Verf.2. 143 dependance upon God for the end. How long willjevexmyfoule. Andbreake me inpieces with words. The word that we tranflate, to break in pieces; notes a very vehement breaking, to break with extreame violence, to breake and bruife, is feeds or fpices are bruited in a morter, topound to dull, or ponder. The word is ufed for the breakingofthe heart, with godly forrow ; Sorrow is a breaker, it breakes no bones, but it breakes the heart. Worldly sorrow breakes the heart to death . Godly forrow, breakes the heart to life. (Ifa. 53. 5. ) I dwell with thole that are of an humble and contrite or brokefpirit, to revive thefpirit ofthe humble ,and to revive the fpirit of contrite crvs. The forrowes of Jefus Chrift are expreft by this word, ( Ifa.53.5.&10.) He was moundedfor our tranf- grefons, he was bruited for our iniquities ; and in the roverfe; Yet it plea(ed the Lord to brine him,he bathput him to griefe. Thus the fpirit of ?ob was bruifed and broken ; But, what was the in- ífrument ofhis breaking ? was he broken withclubs andRaves No, but with hard words and fevere rebukes. How long will ye breake me in pieces withwords. fob Bothnot title their words, he faith not, ye have broken me with hard, cruell, or bitter words, he faith onely,ye have bra- ken me in pieces with words, leaving us to confider what words were fit for fuch a worke ; foft and kinde words may melt the Heart, but thofeare hard andharfh words whichbreake it. Hence obferve ; Vnkinde and bardwords, male deepe wounds, and breaks the heart. t0V1 verburn vehnnens. Me- ta¡,hora a contu- . ftone granoruna in rnortario. Words are full of power, both to wound and toheale, to breake and tobinde up, to grieve and to comfort ; As theword of God hath an Allmightie power to breake the heart, fo the word of man huh a Nighty power to doe it. Some are more ,. c omi- troubled with what is (aid to them, then with any thing that is done to them : unfriendly and reproachful! fpeeches have rnum ut fterrr!o lathe heavier upon them, then the heavieft ofother preffures. Arta. Orig. David had many hands againft him, but he was mote afflifted with the tongues which were againft him ; As with afworei in aary