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Chap.) 9. An Expofgtion upon the Book of J® B, Verf. 3. 145 ges, and not be broken. lob was a fîrong man both in faith e.i qk h and patience , yet he was broken, his pacewas muchbroken, ¡b cen}igae yea his fpi, it was broken, y have vexed my ¡CHI ( faith be )and 104 broken me in pieces withwords. torture! a dr- 74 proceeds to thew us particularly ghat kinde of words j. gnat Piacd. his friends fpake, they were unkinde wo:ds,audmore Verf.3. Thefts ten times yehave reproached nse,yeare not age.amed tomakeyour felvesfrange to me. Here is an armie ofevill words ;Theta ten times,&c. What ? luit ten times ? did 706 keepe Cale, and fcoare up the unkinde words of his friends ? werehis reproaches ¡Lift ten. We ufe to fay,'Tis unfriendly to keepe account ofkndneJhes done to ourfriends, but it is more unlittable to the lawes of friendfhip, to take an account ofunkindncJJ'es receivedfromfriends.The lejle we remember them the better is our mernory.W by then is 7o6 fo ex Ft and par- ticular in this unfriendly Arithmeticke ? Thefe ten times_ye have reproached nee. Some conceive that lob fpeakes to the very letter, that when &Vin iris. de- he faith, ten times, he meines ten times, and onelj ten times, tnei- Ì.g111 a:C s l'ajet o- ther mo.e nor leffe. Which number is made up thus ;Five times nus 11 ¡s3 , ; his friends had fpoken, and five times ofob hai fpoken, itere ;e;iii, :es e.' were ten fpeeches ; He was reproach'd as web when himfelffe. redand4;ja rf fpake, as when they fpake his own anfwers were reckoned fonf f'e'e. »'- to his dithonour by his friends, as he reckoned their replyes ; ahare. But I paffe this. Further, we may make it out thus that in each tinglean- fuer male byhis friends, there was a double reproach, or much reproach, therefore he reckoneth every one of them for two ; A'o a mu'ritu- We finde in.Scripture, that the word ten isufd in a kinde of disk ¡oient pee Hyperbole yea though the number ofthe thing done be under byperbokr1yt- ten, or lefe then ten, yet it's laid to be done ten times, onely to D,e;,.i' ira u: fhew tha: it bath been done oftener then it fhould, or when it Ce,, thould not have been done at all. So forre. urderftand that corn fpeech of acob to his wives, (Gen. 31.7.)conplaining of the gk.nnLO1e1' harfh dealing ofLaban rotor father bath changedmy Wages ten fa /lea dt.tnz clone- times. 'Tis not probable ( though forceattempt to prove it ) than Laban did ac`tually change his wages fo often, ,ea 'tic cone conceived that he changed his wages but twice, ver,8. yet 7acob V fair