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o ~ Ö ' -- __ law fo much unkindreffe in that twofold changeofhis wages, th a t hefaith ; had chamel his wages ten times. Rtther, Ten times may be taken indefinitly for many time;. It is u;nall amorg the Lathes to expreffe any unufualbgeit- mofe by the number ten, and fo doth the Scr.ptureto o : (Eeele, 7 .19. ),vvifid,,rnefteengtheneth more then ten mightie men which are _ in the Citie ; that is moré then many, , or Chen all the mightie Men in the Cirie ; wifedome is better then the weapon Of warre. The Law given about the keeping ofthe Ammonite out ofthe or Moabite, fkallnot enter into the Congregation of the 1/,rd, even to their tenth generati,w,fhall they not enter into the Cong,regation of the 1.6rdfor ever. The tenth generation is not to be taken termina- tively to their exclufion from 'the' Congregation, as ifat or af- ter the tenth get-tration", they might enter in, bút the tenth ge- neration is named to .fhew that they fhould not be received in for many generations,yea thattheyThould not at all be received in ; 'for fo the latter brandi explaines it, They fhall not be received to the tenth generation to the Congregation ofthe Lord, no notAi. ever ,Againe, To thew the greatneffe of The famine that God 'would bring upon his owne people for their great fi nnes, ( Levit. 26.26.) When Ihave4roken thefiereofyour bread, tenwomen 'hallbah,eyour bread in one Oven ; As ifhe Mould fay, when Corne is plentiful!, two or three women fill an Oven, 'but wher. Ihavebrokenyourflareofbread, then ( fuch fhall be the fcarciry of Corne, that ) ten women, -that is, many women may put your bread into one Oven, and not,fill it, neither fhail ye be filled, as the next words alfure ;.They ;ball deliverJots yoor bread againe -by weight, andye /hall eate and not be latisfied. 'So the word isrufed (-Numb.14.z2..) -Where' the Lord corn-- plaines; re have temptedme now thefe ten times. Thus when Nehe- miah would fbew how unceffant the enemies were in bringing fad reports to -terrific them,-he faith, Chafr.,4.11. ) Ten times ye have faidfrom allplaces, they will beuponyou ; that is yee have often laid we fliould be lurprized and ,cut. off by fuch a time. -Once more, (kach..8.23. ) the glory ofthe ?ewes in,the latter dayes is thus defcribed; Pa come topalre,,that tenmenAar? tak,e' svla6~mcu- qua exceilent?fi tiara (5. Jimair,./n qua cuvantis ails; ocn °anama. w