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Chap 19. fl» Expofition 1'1,04 the Took of JO B. Verf. 3. 147 .. Yew, Plyingwe will goe withyou,for we have heard that God is wir h y.etr. Ten noon, that is, many men, even niu;titttdes ofmen than defire favour and friendship with the ?cues, we will foe with you, we will be onyourfde,for ro'e gave heard that God /4-2.1:t19y6u: Note bytheway, 'Tù good .being with theft, withwhom God ie,au'tis best of all to be withGod. Ail men ought, ten risen ( faith that text ) (hall defire to goe with the etres when God apeares among them. Rev.z. io. re fhafi have .tribulationfor ten dares; that is, for many dayes, or for a long time. So here, Theft ten runes Hip ttxnterur have ye reproached me, that is ye have reproachedme very often, orderrcr ;ajrnÌ- I know not, how often ; he puts it in 1 :ch a number, as may tategrav'dr{s, - note any number, yea that which is onelynot innumerable ' r=umeros gHan who is able to number the reproaches ye have put on me ? ,u,,rxn ;rsaxi. The number ten, feemes to goe burdened with innumerabilitie, roar ggnir. because it brings forth the greatef} numbers ; When, in nurn- bring, > >u unities arife t.) the number ten; we can goe no further, Dea0ri'tr ru.' ne xr brit by refuming unities, and adding them to ten. So that, ten xt n rrrerandirrnis being the greateft limple number, and all compound numbers lit videaur ma being rene.ved at ten the number ten, fiando as the chiefe, and nam contains the greateft numbers. Ye have reproached me ten times. cxm ad dece»a pervenitur,uIe- Te have reproached me. rixo non nut, fe d ureaum, +e- The word lignifies fuck a reproach, asnot onely puts a man fwnrrue xnir+tt to flame, but makes him greatly afhamed. So the word is ufed, f[7 dena -io aQ ( Ruth 2.I 5.) Let her glean among' the(l eaves, and reproachher )untrue. nor we put in the mar ent lhame her not, fa not that fhe fteal- decem ad xfÿ, P g + Y numeero eth, for ifa gleaner come into a field and glean. among (heaves, re;cente veni- 'cis fufpec-ed that filch a one fteal;th. Therefore Boaz gave this aua prrncipium as a fpeciall priviledge to Ruth, let her carne among the (heaves, f-aatl fumio-ur it ilia!! be no t}eating to her, reproach her not with it put her ovd. rift -nor to flame. Thus while yob faith, 2ehave reproached me, the meaning is, ye have endeavoured to put me to fhame, as if I were, a wicked man. a theefe or a murtherer, and this ( though once had been to often ) ye have done ten times, or often- clines. We may confider thefe words ; firfi, as they let forth the fin and unkindneffe, or rather . the finfüll unkindneffe of Yob's friends ; Secondly, as they vet forth the grace and patience of ?ob, or rather that fpeciall grace ofpatience. V 2 Fief} ç