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Chap. i8.. VerC'i. dP4á°á:01.yyNM04yysryy +w4444ytr4ry44Y14v'e 71i'í1:7F'91.a.ai1;f °ao4 °?rA,YF'^bi°0Y.0 .", .1<: 1.4-1 <;,f, s e s,4445 t;t <0 <f4i4-44(tt:«44t A N EXPOSITION V 7) 0 21C The Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, and Twenty-fire Chapters of theBook O F J O B. J o B. Chap. ' 8. Verf. 1, 2, 3 4. Zhen anfwered Bildad the shuhite, andPaid How long will it be, ereyou make an end of word. and afterwards we will (peak ti herefore are we counted as Bealls 5 and reputed vile in yourfight? He tear th him/elfin his anger :fhall the earthbeforfa/¿en for thee ? andfhall the rockbe removedout ofhisplace? L I P H A z having finifhed, Bildad begins a fecond Difpute with fob ; Then anfwered Bildad theShuhite, andPaid. Yet he rather reproves then anfwers,and returns inve$ives more then reafons. Bildad ftrikes here again upon the fame Bone, at which himfelf and his friends had flumbled before. His whole difcourfe falls into three parts. Fink Wehave his Preface. Secondly, The body ofhis fpeech. B Thirdly,