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rl 2 Chap. i8, e/rn expofition upon the Bookof J o a. Verf: s Thirdly, He winds up, and drawes all together into a brief Conclufion. His Preface is laid downe in the foure former Verfes of this Chapter. Thebody of his difcourfe extends ;t felfe from the 5 h Verfe inclufively to the end of the loth , in which his generali (cope is to defcribe the.miferable condition ofa wicked man: And he Both it under a three-fold Confideration, as a three-fold grades Pionofhis mifery. PHI, In his life. Secondly, In his death. Thirdly, After death. So that living, dying, and dead, he is miferablee, and therefore altogether miferable. The Conclufionof his difcourfe is contained in theTaft Verfe, . in which he gives us.the flrength of what he had Paid, and re affirmes it; Surely fuch are the dwellings of the wicked, and this is the place of him that knoweth not god. His generali defigne and fcope is to convince -ob that he was awicked man, becaufe he fuffered thofe things which none but a wicked man (according rn his opinion) ever did, or fhould Novahicnu.Tiar r'or the proofe of this,he proceeds in his former me- ErTatte ,f11/eg0!77J & mod, bringing nothing new for the matter, no new Argument, Metaphoric il- no new mediarn, either to confirme his owne Pofition, or to in- luftribus impre- firme the opinion of fob ; but cloathing his former Reafons in b®,um dodos o- anew dreffe, he gives us a very lively and pathetical! defcrip -. cuasiubijciens. tion of the eitate of a wicked man ; upon which fubje& he had Drier1 treated in the eighth Chapter. Onely two differences appeare between this and his fitti difcourfe. Firfi, At the8th Chapter he lets out the happineffe ofagod-. ly man inoppofition to the miferable eflate ofthe wicked; here, he leaves out that part. Secondly, At die 8 ' Chapter he ufeth many Arguments to move 'ob to repent, and turne to God. He leaves out that work alfó here, not fò Much' as once mentioning repentance, or ex- horting him to returneto God ; as if he either thought it too late, or that Yob's obílinacy was remedihf%, and thewound both ofhis outward and inward (late incurable. The firfl part or Preface is fpent inreproofe, anti we mayob- ferve