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1 6 ; Chap. 19. trier 6xpoftion upon the Book of J o B. Verf.3 anothers fight, they will fcarce looke upon one another, who not long line ( at leaft inprofeffion ) dearely loved one anm- ther. They who met purpofely to fpeake one toanother, will fcarce fpeake to one another when they meete accidentally. Yea, they Who fbould be ready to dye for one another, can 1}ardly live by one another. When (hall we be afhamed of this ftrangenes r When will the love of many which bathwaxen cold gather heate againe ?'T is Englands fin at this day, Strange- nefje among the Saints ; they who profeffe thenifelves to he all ac- quainted with and friendsto Jefus aril}, are unfriendly and unacquainted among themfelves. Theywho are mere to God, behold eachother afar off. Were it not monfirous, if one mem- ber of the body fhould withdraw officesoflove from another member, or fhould be as a ftranger to it. Thefe unnaturall di- fiances among the members of the fame myfticall body, are too open eyther to be hid or denyed. Is it not a reproach to Chr'- (Hankie, that they who indeed aremembers of the fame Chrift, fhould a& as if they were not members of the fame world. To how many thoufands of Saints may we fay, as lobhere, ire ye not ajl,am'd to makeyoar felvestrange one to another ;and confider this further, if ftrangeneffe, if a meer withdrawingof- ronverfe be fo uncomely that Chriftians ought to be aíham'd of it, what then is that which is the mote of it alienationof affections. If Chriftians have caufe toblufh whenthey arenot flee and open - heartedone toanother,howought'tbey tobe con- founded who are guilty of heart-burnings and bitterneffe of fpirit one againft another. If we ought to be ashamedthat we are nor kind to one another, that we arenot ready CO doe one another good how fhould we be albam'd to becruel to,or todevife evill one againJ$ another f ftrangenes is not the doingofevil, but a fufpention from doing good, or from fhewing wonted re- fpeäs.`Now if it be a fhame not to do good, how fbould we . be afhàm'd ofdoing evill toour bretheren? Thirdly, We may confider yob not ònely as afriend,` and as a godly friend, but a.lfo as an affliâedfriend, asa-manalma overwhelmed with forrow. Then obferve; It isaf,amefull thing not to orneagood man when he is in a Ion; or in the lowrß condition, ....:.