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Chap i 9. An Expofition upon theBook of J OB. Verf.3. they Tooke upon as their glory, is indeed their tame, The Pro- phet allo fpeakesäf there, ( Ifa:3.9 ) the thew of their counte- nance tsitneffeth agairtfi them, they declare theirfan as Sodom, they hide it not : Howdid Sodom declare her fin; Sodom did not declare . her fin as 3.fainevie, repenting indaf'and aßjes ; Sodom did not de- clare her fin as they that are truely humbled before the Lord decla.-e theirs, who to ufe the Prophets language( Ifa.43.z;6. ) Declare that they maybe jafii`ed, butSodom declared her fin im- pudently, thecared not who law it, or whoknew it; How fad is it when ?erufalera patternes her felfe bySodom ? yeremie coin - plaines of this (Chap.6.15.) Were they afhamed when they had committed abomination ? nay they were not at all fhamed, neither could they blúfh, they who harden themfelves becaufe'they would . not bluth, (hall at tat be fohardened that they cannot bluff). Shame is the leading a.ct unto repentance,they that are afhamed of their finne, are in a goodway to turne from it. And hence Shame is put fometimes for repentance ; Whatfruit haveyee in thole things whereof ye arenow afhamed,.( Rom. 6.2i ) That is, whereof ye now repent, and from t laia yee are converted: The repentance ofEphrahim is fo defcribed (er. 3 I.19.)Szare- y after Iwas turned 1 repented, andafter that Iwas infirulted, I fmote upon my thigh,I was afhamedyea even confounded,&c. 'ris heft to dofach things ofwhich we neednot be afhamed. but they that have done evill than:doe well, to beatham'd, yob fup.pofing his friendshaddonill in making themfelveaOrangeto him, char- ges this upon them as an aggravationofit , Te are nos a(Seam'1 tomakeyourfelvesfirange to me. Secondly, From the matter about which they ought to have been' atham'd, their flrangenes tohim; Ye are not afhan'd that ye male your(elvesfirange to me. Obferve To befirange tofriends, fpecially togodlyfriends, is a aFlthat . we ought to be afham'dof. It is a"fhamefull thing to be aflham'd offriends, efpecially of godly friends , This fhame might iufily fall upon many at this day ; what ftrangeneffe is there betweem friends, and godly friends? fuch as heretofore lay in one anothers boromo, are growne fo ftrange, that they cannot flay with content in one X 2,. aí.uthen 155