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58 Chap. ry An expofition upon the Boot. of J O B. Verf 3. (rippedhimcfhis raiment, andwoundedhim, anddeparted,Ieaving him halfe dead ; then corneal a Levite and a Prieft, and what áo- they?doe they owne the man?no,they goe on the other fide,as if the man had been lick of the plague, and they duríf not come recre him for ferre of inferfion ; they law him in that lamenta- ble pickle, and paffed by they would not doe the office ofa neighbour ( that's the intent òf the Parable, to they who is a. mans neighbour ) if the man had been mounted on his horfe. rikng gallantly on the way, poflïbly the Prieft and theLevite would have joyn'd with him, and have Paid, Sir, whether tra- vaile you ? they would have fallen inno difcourfe with him, as a man of their owne Tribe, and have gone to the fame Inne- with him, but Peeing him lie wounded, and groveling upon- the high way in his blond, theymade themfelves ífrange to him, Asmen naturallyfrunne their owne affliftiont,fo thofe that are inaffliEtion ; 'Tis againft the light and common principles_ ofna- ture to doe fo, yet naturally men doe. fo. And becaufe'ris a- gainft the light of nature to doe fo, therefore 'tis a thame to doe fo. And if it be againft the light ofnature, and the principles of morralitie, how much more is it againft the light ofgrace, and the principles of Religion, when this ftrangeneffe is fhew ed to thofe who have grace and are indeed religious ?'lis a Go- fpel duty to doe good to all, but efpecially to the houfhold of faith ; They breakeall the bands and tyes oflove, who re- Rife to doe them good that have received and expreffe the to- kens ofdivine love, orare ftrangersin aff.etion to them, who, . are of the houfholdoffaith. Every godly man may fay to his uncharitable bretheren, as lob didhere to his friends ; Areyee not afbamed to made your(elvesfirange to me ? Thus lob hath re- proved his friends undeferved feverity, and he reproves them yet further in the next words upon fuppofition, that he had deferved it