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Ch'ap. 19, Án Exphfition 'upon the Book, of JOB. Verf .I. z59 3 o B. Chap. 19. Verf. 4, 5, 6. And be it indeed -that I á.+.1ve erred, mine error remein f with; yf 1 >e If , n ced ; o t will rni,g rtfïe leter f eves ag:air f m: e;and plead rag write me my reproach. Know now that Godhat h ove:11 ;-olm 2e me, and hatb corn. pafirec1 me with t` ir n t, N the fourth and fifth verfes ofthis Context, lob proceeds Ito reprove his friends feveraty tooands him, by way ofgrant or fuppofition, He reproves them, not o,t,ely, becaufe they dealt thus with him who was innocent ; but he fuppoles or g-ants ( though lie yeelds it not ) that hitnfelfe had been an offender, or4iad erred, and yet Thewes that their proceeding with.him was juíily offentive and erroneous. Ver.4. vrindbe it indeed that I haveerred, t 'c. He ufeth a figure in Rhetorick called conceffaon, when theRe- eöcefo ell tuns ,fpondent is willing to grant more then the Opponent can a/iquid etiam prove, and gives that which is difadvantageous to his caule, mus c ufefde- upon confidence of the righteoulneffe of his caule, or when he ciapati,QUmr. yeeldeth as much as his adverfarie defireth, and yet maintaine Profeffusrum what himfelfedefireth. Be it indeed that Ihave erred.As if tie had integritat me. fayd, Ihave often profeffed,( and(fill doe) mine ovine innocency,but m,fed a tit? becaufe Ifeeyou are verygrecoly to charge me with, andconvince me f eat me erran- ofan errour, I will be filent. in that poynt, andfuppofe, trhatyen do prcvocaffè 7 ,cannot prove, but cafe itbe fo, that Ihave erred, yetyou have erred rarn dei an coo - more inyour carriage towards me : my errour loth not juftifeyou in t'nu' drgum what ou have fo en and done to roe Thouggh Ib /in have provo- ed iac a enì_ y Jp ;T g .yl provo- a:,i,Wit- ked god to anger, will that beareyou out inyour anger apingme ? to ú muero. -mill you needs [mite me with your tongues, becaufe he loath (mitten Pined. -me withbù band ?willjou adde himthat. is inmfe j ? f 3t import ar 6- fleece vet er- Be it that "°I have erred. rtre per ìgrto- rantrarn. Some render, Be it thatlam ignorant, orilaveheen ig orant Et igcoraï. So.the Vulgar. Vu!g The