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62, eap. i c/.fn expofition upon the Rook, of J o B. Ver1.4. have not. No man bath liberty to charge himfelfe faltèly, to take that fin or that error upon his owne account, whereof he is not guilty. Yea, we ought to be more carefull that we beare not falle witneffe again our (elves, then againtf another.. Every man ( next to God) owes molt duty and repel tohim- felfe. And as we mutt not fuffer the glory of Gcd, or the cre- dit of our bretheren to be diminifhed, fo neithermuff we fuf- fer our owne. We may let others orke upon a fuppofition of that which is not, but we mull not make pofitions eyther con- cerning our felves or others of that which is net. We ntay fpeake it" Rhetorically, but we mutt not fpeak it Logically, that we have erred when we have not. '4'hus lob fpeakes ; Bede indeed that 1 have erred. Mine error remaineth with my felfe. This founds like an aggravation of yob's finfulneffe; If be had fayd, , Be it that 1 have erred, yet I am now willing to re- nounce, and depart from my errour, or fuppofe I have erred, -I will now difclaime and recant mine errour ; this had founded well. But to fay, Be it that Ihave erred,mine errour re- maincth with nayJelfe, feemes to imply a love to errour, an hug-. }IuMatrum cii ing and embracing of it. We fa It is incident to man to errare i; eyro á' b' y' re poi everare erre,'bat to perfevere in errour,or willingly to let erreur remainenp- cff diain!icilm. en eta, is diabolical' and ovick;d. How is it then-that lob fayth,' ?Mine erroar remaineth with myfelfe ? The word that we tranflate remaine Ggnifies,toduel, to tar- Mecum flora- rie, to rcI-,to tale up a nights lodging. All which expreífions feeme bit danie7 manebrr, to meet in this, that be was willing his errour Ihould not be t,7abir,habitG7i tranfcient but permanent ; not as apailìng firanger, but as a bit, how omcta welcome friend. We have the word (yerem 4.14. ) where the f7g77}7cas 427Á1t Prophet chargeth this upon 7crafalem, O jerufèlem wafh thine 15 heartfrom srichednefJe, that thou maiefl be fa+ How long flall thy vaine thoughts lodge ( or ref .) with thee . The belt have vaine thoughts, pallingthrough them ; vaine. thoughts will come and knock at the doore for entertainment, but to open the doore and receive them, to like and lodge them, this argues a heal t not waffled from wickednefle. But did ?ob's errour thin reatifine and lodge withhim There