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Chap.1g. An Expofition upon the Took of J 0B. Verf.4. 163. There are three or four: Interpretations in an{wer co this. t i7e l irft, Thus ; Mine errour remairieth with nab (elf:, If I have !n rtré, craor tlrhici erred, mine errour will not hart you, it hurts nobodie but punirie qK :ä ad my felfe : what need'yoube fo angry with me for mine errour ? you ¡hall not anfwer for it, you (hall not fuller for what I have done amifl'e : fo divers give the fence. But this according to ordinary underflanding is very unbecoming a gracious fpait. As 74 tells his wife. (-Chap.2. ) tv yen (bee advifed him to ctrrfe God, and die, Thou fpeakeft likeórre of the fodlijh women. So, ac- cording to vulgar fence, it might be fayd, that 7Qb in fpeak -- ing thus; fpake as a foolifh man, who when he is told ofhis faults,Çaith ; What is that to you; my faults fba11 net damage you. Thus wafters and rioters mif- pending their :Rates, being told of it, Or reproved for it, anfwer, why doe you meddle with us, you ¡hall not fmart for whit we doe ? Such is the language Tabs refpoxjro of foolifh and vaine men, who have neither honefty to doe eft i,7ixs qui well, nor can be afhamed when they doe ill. Such anfwers neq; fu2'aria fpeake a man who bath neither any love to holineffe, nor ab- hsbeat udIo'>r horrence of wickednef For as it argues a fìnfull:fra,nae of nec vi,tutis zr- heart to let another lie in finne, or to lay,, what is it to me dt4m. that my brother frnneth, he may looketo himfelfe ;, Am.I my brothers keeper ? So when a man fayeth, why doe you trou- ble your felfe about my finne ? What is that to yon-?. let me Sinerèmeluere alone, take youno care-of me Mine errour remainetìh. withmry inet ee liters I.1" uei.rgo,í'nmqui \ et Come iz-ho maintain: this explication, make a favours: ab vim punto,, hie corillrLeion of ir. As if he had fay&thus ; Tobeare the nonvosquid ad worit that my -errour canbring upon me, is not fo bad as yout illerum avor ? hoe átcir fpect. fevere dealing with me ; your reproaches and cenfares grievre man ta. onr,ur me more, then' all my afflic`Iions ; 'cis more troubkfome to leuítujbr put, r heare what you :fay tome, then to feelewhatt God Both to me. m1l4TO putt. All the evill which I fuffer from his hand, is not fo:heavy as nil zprrejerum your tongue, his bìowes are not fo bitter and fmartingas your a»tumton au. words. But I paffe that.- dire. narre. Secondly, One of the Rabbins interprets it in the future, N n prOlney vot thusBe it that Ihave erred,1am refolved to errehill, or my errour ab óptnt)ne » eo (ball remaine $ithme. As ifhe had raid, That which you call art difrd m q a:n vor e, i or ec» ap error,I am purpofed to11old fti 1 s.Pa.z1 profeffed(Ai`'.24.1 y' Setárrt. R.b.