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:hap'to. An Èxpafttion .span the Boob of j OB. Verts. .Many are bitter againfi chafe whom they juppofe tobe in errour, whomyet they have not proved to be in an errour. }ob's friends had reproached him ten times, but theyhad not anfivered him to 'purpofe once. He had (tore cf hard words from them, but few found arguments. It is an eafer matter -to ,be angry with errour, then to argue againfl,it. And the reafon why many are fo angry, is becaufe they have fo little reafon. Much palion, and little reafon trfusolly dwell together. They will often be molt earnell .againft an opinion, who have leaft to fay a-, `gainfi it. Fourthly, The words are interpreted with reference to that which follows, ( ) Ifindeedyee willmagnife your !dyes againjl me ;As ifhe had faid,.Let it be granted,that 1am -in errour, andnot one yfo burthat mine errour remainetb, that I perfift in mine errour after all your counfels and admonitions ; yer, ye ought not to magnifie your felves againft me, or trampleupon me. Though you cannot all this while gaine me, from mine er- tour, and make me fenfible of my miftake, yet you may not ( without juft blame) thus reproach and throw-dira upon me. 'Hence note ; He that cannot4e convinced nor reclaimed errata., .muß not-prefently be infváited over and reproached. Though he that is an Heretickafterthefi r¡I andfecondadmoniti- -os,, is to be rejetted ( Tir. 3. to. ) yet:everyone that is in-an errour ought not. The Apoftle gives an excellent Rule (2Tim.2.24., 25. ) Thefervant oftheLordmull notflr.ive, but begentleant All -men, ist meekneffe ir4lru.tting thole that apple themfelves,ifGodper- adventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth. - Ifhalltouch,at this again by' Verf5. If indeedyou Will magnifleyourfelveragan{flm9 and pleadagainfl me my reproach. As this verfe may be conned ed with the former lathe fence aft given, ' fo with the following verfe ; Know new that God loath overthrownme, and bath compliedme with his net ; and then the meaning is this Let it be granted that I am in an errour, ifye( upon that.ground )magnifieyour felves agai>tfl me, mod plead 4sgain,fl me -my rrprortch,.then.knovo that go4bath overt-brown me, end