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164 Chap. i 9 An expolition upon the Iloofk of JOB. Verf. After the way which they call herefie, o worthip I theGod ofmy Fa- therr. So 7,:b fpake here according to the tendency ofthis in- terpretatior, ?ob was not refolved to ll:cke to an errour in- deed, but ( faith he ) if yon call this an errour which have maintained, I am rclolve .to rnstintaine it, C< will not be dri- ven from my opinion, becaufe you have branded, it for an er- rout. This where it hits right, is a jult and vertuous perti- ncy. He that joedóeth him elfe to be in the truth.fïfosrld not leave it becaufe others cal it errour. As wefhould not take eip errour, becaufe form ( poffibly wire and learned men ) call it troth ; foneither fhould we let goe or depart from that which is truth, becaufe many ( poflibly wifeand learned men too ) call it errour. As we ought to try all things, fo to hold fall that which isgood, whofoever would pull it from us. The evidence which any wayor opinion bath from The word of God, and the cleare light ofour own confcience;, may beare us out againft anycontrary evidenceor contradidi- on of man. It becomes the people of God. to be meeke and yeelding, that a little childe may leave them (ifa, t 1.6. ) in the right way, yet it becomes t hem as wel to be fo (tout and true to the truth, that the greatelt men in the world fhou':d neither lead nor force them out ()fit. Thirc 3 The words are expounded as a redargution of his friends infufficiency in arguing with him; Mine errour remaineth with me ; That i., you have not yet removed mineerrour, nor convinced me that i am out of the way. All that you have laid, Both not fatisfie my confcience, nor give meany light to change my judgemer..t. You have fpoken much, but you have -proved little ; your reafons are more in number then weight ; 1 finde not-my felfe at all preffed with them, nor bath mine o- .pinion received any dammage, much 1e1%a downfall by them. If I have erred, mine errour remaineth with me, Cafe andun- toucht, for any thing you have hitherto done or laid. lob fpake this fence before ( Chaap.6.25. ) How forcible are right words, bat What .dothjoeor ar,g*ing reprove I This is a faire inter- pretation. Hence note Mana