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Chap. z 8. efin Expofition upon the Book, of Jo B. Verf. z. ferve five things for which Bildad reproveth Yob. Firft , He reproveth him for wording it , or for talkative- neffe, at the beginningofthe fecond V erfe ; How long will it be ereyou make an endof words ? Secondly, He reproveth him of inadvertency, and carelefnes, in the middleof the fecond verle ; c ilifarke, &c. As if he had laid, You have been heedleffe all this while, you have net well attended what wehave been about ; eítifark, and afterwards we will[peak. Thirdly , He chargeth him with contemptuous thoughts , and an irreverent eftimationòfhis friends (Vref. 3.) wherefore arewe counted auBeafts,and reputedvile inyourfigrst ? Thou haft not onely numbred us with, but below the lotvdt of the people. Thoueither lookeft upon us as if we had forfeited our reafün, And were not men, or had loft our integrity, and fo were the wort' of men. Fourthly, He chargeth himwith fury and impatience, in the beginning of theof4tnVerfe; He tearethhi,nfelfe in his anger; As it he had laid ; ells thou haft torne our reputation, fo thy ovine peace ; thaw art uncivil' to us, and a torture to thy Pelfe. Firthiy, He chargeth him with infolency and boldneffe to- wards God himfelfe, in the latter part of the 4,11 Verfe ; Shall the earth beforfak;n for thee, andJhall the rock, be removed out of his place ? What 1 muff God work wonders, and turr,e the world upfide downe for your fake ? Doeft thou think thy felfe a man fo extraordinary, that the ordinary providences and difpenfations ofGod will not ferve thy turne ? Shall the earth be forfaken for thee ? &c. Thefe are the fteps of73i/dads angry addreffe to rob ; Then 7nfweredBildad the Shuhite, andfail. Verf. 2. How long will it be ereyoumake an endofwords ? &c. There is fame variety of conje&ure who is here intended, or to whomBitiad dire&s his fpeech. For the.Originall is plurali, as if he were not fpeaking to a fingle perfon, but to a multitude; How long will it be ereye make an endofwords ? And it is queftioned upon that ground, whether Bildad fpake to 7rb alone, or no. Firft, Some conceive, that Bildeds difcourle aimes at 70-6, in con ort with Eliphaz, who fpake before, as ifBildadhad been angry with them both ; becaufe Eliphaz and he holding out fo B z long 3