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1?6 Chap. 19. efln E'xpofstion upon the Boot. of Jot +. Ver3. G are in forrow, what is it to rejoyce at their forrow. The wif -- dome ofGod gives caution againit this, even in the cafè ofan enemy, ( Prov. 24. 17 t8. ) Rejhyce not when thine enemy fa/'th, and let not thine heart be glad when hefiasmbleth ; (Why not ? the reafon is fubj}yned) left the L,,rdfee it and it dilpleafehim, and he turne away his wrath from him : That is, the Lord will take it fo ill at thy hand, to fee thee rejoycing at the fall of thine enemy, who bath been ove:throwne by his hand, that he will turne his wrathupon thee inffead ofhim. Fourthly, lob faith, Clod bath overthrowne me;. to thew his friends, that therewas nomcellìtie why they íhould charge him with wickednefTe, becaufe he was overthrowne. Hence note; Cod may, and oft cloth overthrow hia choiceft fervants, and fpoile themofalloutward comforts, without refpefl to their f nful'nefe. When we fee man punithed by man, we may well conclude he is a tranfgreffor, becaufe no man hath power to afflict or to overthrow an innocent : Man bath no right to (mite his bro- ther, eyther in body or efface, but for his fault. But when God fmiteth man, we cannot conclude unerringly, that he loth it for his faults or errors. Know that god bathoverthrowne me. And compafÌed me with his net. Mttarhoraa It is a metaphor from hunting. The Church be.rioanes her rtv.nvoria. fad condition in this language, ( Lam. i. 13. ) From above bath hefeatfire into my bones, and it prevaileth aoainft me; he bath fpreada netformyfeete. Thus Zedekah is threatned ( Ezek.12o 13 . ) Mynet alfo will Ifpread upon him, and he (hall be taken in vsy fnare. `11yí a radice TheHebrewword which we tranflatenet,fignifies alfo a 7ew- °'ni ftgniflcat er, or Caffle, or Fort. A learned interpreter contends earneftly rete vet aria n for this tranflation. And gives reafons why it thould be rather.: arcem&ono$. tranfIated Tower, then net. Firít, from the words following in none N a?t:tq- the next verfe, where lob fpeaks of himfelfeas ifhe wire crying raarr& f.rtri- ft:aa n. out ataprifon window ; Behold, I cry out ofwrong, but 1 am not heard. Secondly, becaufe at the 8 verle he fpeaks of darkneífe fet inhis paths which tilitsbetter with the metaphor ofa pri- fore f'snvnttr ab it. Ic vel redire fa- ri¢e iront rum, )1; in ie.