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Chap. ig. An Expefstion upon the Book of JOB. Vert 6. fon-Tower, then of a net. But whether we render?'ower, or set, the meaning is the fame. And by both, aflliftions are under- flood. And when he faith, He bath cempaffed me with his net,he fhewec the extenfion or !arg:mefïre ofhis affliction ; for as when promife is made to him that trufleth in the Lord, that mercy jriall corapaffe him about! (Pfal.3 2 .I o.) the meaning is that he shall have many and rnaaifoli mercies, compleat and perfeft mercies. So that's a compleat afidion which corn paf ethus about, as a net Both abird or bea!I that is enfiiared in it. Afflictions may becompared to a net for divers reafons. Firfl, Becaufe there is a contrivance in them, a divine hand loth as it were weave divers providences together. and knot them one with another, to make up an affliction. The Lord ufeca a kinde of holy art and skit in the preparation of our troubles. There is as much wifedome feene in framing and for- mic g of our afiftons, as there is mercy and kindneffe ita working our deliverances and falvations. Hence all() the Church compares them to a building, which is an artificial! pile or Fabricke ; Ele loathbudded again,f me,( Lam.3. Secondly, Aflliftìons are like unto a net, becaufe molt men fall fuddenly into them, and are taken unawares. 7ob indeed, faith ofhis afition,( Chap 3,25, ) The thing which Igreatly feared es come upon me, and that which Iwas afraidof is come unto me. It feemes he was jealous of a change, and though his mountaine was ftrong, yet he laid not (as David orcedid ) I jhall never be moved. But ufually men put the evil! day farre from them, and looke no more for trouble then the filly bird cloth for the net when the is caught with it. Thirdly, AfHi&ìons are like a net, 'beemfe we are entangled with them, we are entangled with doubts what to doe, yea in affliftion we are ready to fay, Lord we know not what we de. Ifwe know and are relol ved what to doe, then we are apt to be en- tangled, either with cares how, and by whom toget it done, or with feares, that when all is done, it will not be facceffefull and effeduall for our de'iverarxe. Fourthly atllifttons are like a net, becaufe we being once entangled in hem are held fail, and cannot get forth, til God who hath comnaffed and taken us with his net, be pleated to open it and dtlèngage us from our entanglements, The bird san 177