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i78, An expofition upon eke ,Book.of J OB. Vetf4 cannot get out of the nec fill the is taken out.. We bring our felves into trouble, but iineifie the Lord bringus tut, there we flick-e. As our ezernall, fo our temporali falvationsare ofthe Lord. The' nets o atilitlion which God makes are fltong enough to hold the ecrongeft. His nets are not like the Cobweb or Spi, gers nets, which detail-le the weake fives, but are eafily broken by the greater or leffer fowles. Thongh a wild Bull come into Gods net as the Prophet fpeakes, ( Jfs t ) yec neither his inight nor his madileffe can helpe him out. It was noted) in opening the Original word here ufed for a net, that it may fig. nifie alfo a Tower, or a Frt. The lame aftliaion is both a net al.d a fort, a net, becaufe it entangles, a fort, becaufe it holds us fa ft. Fifthly, As affliftions are like a net, becaufe they entangle and hold us fait ; fo, becaufe the morewe ftrive to loofen and fiee our felves, theimore we are entangled, and the faller held. There is no getting o it of, no nor getting any cafe in ailliffion by ftruggling., 'Tis belt fr us to be quiet and patient. Not, but that we may ftirre heaven-warcil3) eatnert prayer to God, yea and earth-ward too in the diligent rife oflawfull meanes with man to free our felves. The ftirrig and Ariving which tirai tens the net of our affliftion upon us, is onely our difpleafedneffe and impatience with it, or a,gainil God, who bath caught us in it. Or it is our flriving to get loofe by the ufe ofcreature hands and helpes alone, without dependance upon or appli. cation made to God. Such flirting as this will indeed entangle us, and when we have {tired thus the moft wecan., we (hail finde our felves the more entangled. When God compaffeth us with his net, we mutt neither fit (till fullenly and negligent- ly, nor move impatiently and unbeleevingly. Let us give God glory . ( as lob did. ) in our net, and he will not onely giveus cafe, but let our feete ina large place. o so