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Chap. 15) ^ A n g ' x p o j h i t w u p o n t h e rB o a k _ 0/ J o b. Verl.7, AaJ-.if feu then hearing ( in the Text) is not to be taken-for receiving ths found.of^ard^ but for the returne, which is niade to the words which are received. To be heard, imports helpe, or the giving put ofthat helps, mercy anddeliverance, wlrch is defired and asked, whether ofGod or man. . To be heard, in prayer, is to beanfwered in prayer 5 to beheard when we cry,’.is to be relievedwhen wecry. Thus, faithJob, Ic>j Exaudireetn-' '0l*h6f *”!:*$heard•.TharisI haveno eafe, nocOmy frfJtrecUirmii lir a npf'b anVdeliverance vyroughf for, me. ..‘IDavidas the eft adrjfe labo- figureyofChrift,,; gives glory to Gpd, bccanfe hehadbeep thus nmiify optm hentd-Thou hafi heardmefrom thehornet ofthe V nicomes i$»: fiM^ift’lnm leered ype from the homes,ofthe 'Haicoruej. T o be J/oywwM^is-a pro?' j'p a r fa 'Hon w n verbiall fpejch, for hyifigercompaft with gryatetl dagger. The wb»;<puBnu hprheJs ftiarge*a,n,dftrorigyand the Unicorne is fierce and terri- Kf ' , b>ie,;fjhthaf t@bp hpardfrom-ammjrthe. homes ofthe ‘Vakome;stt1 is re^pad from deadlyganger., ■/' , 7 | Thif 'inijthe jpiphoed%pf,the fame fence vyith that o f t P d u l , ) v . ( % w a s . d e l i v e r e d o u t . o f t h e m o u t h o f t h e L i o » : N e r o was this Lion, beforewhom w b e & ^ a f t f t f i r f t appeared, he ‘b a d ^ o f e g o u d ; A t r h y f r f l a u f w e r (faithhe, v e r , i 6 . ) , » o m a n f o o d w i t h m e n o t w i t h f i a f t d 'm g i f h e tJ k o r d ,fio e jJ l w i t h m e ^ a n d / 'W stf d e l i v e r e d - . 1 etst of f h e [ m o u t h e f t h e L i o n . That is, when I-was.feady tone devoured ‘by the bloudy Tyrant, J cryed to the Lord, andhe heard me. So then, whenbe faith, I a n t n o t heard, -it maybe referred f as , I | f cry .was } , tp men. • Secondly,rtp God, I,was riot heard bymen,.$heydid,npt-«lt right me asthey ought; Iwas not heard by God, he did not refc.ue me as he was able, or as he •might. Take it firft, ashis not being heard,’referrs tomen. . Hencenpte -y l n fp i ■■. I , mS | p % . ^edare veYfde'dfiUf^Bl'j tothfirfofyhevpptejfed'MdgHAed,, There are two voyces at which the eare ofnatureisexceed- zngdeafe, or thickeofhearing, . The firfl is the vpyce o(holv coanfcls • whenGod fieikes, many<oras thedeafeadderywho:fiopsherearmid w'Ami bsarethe Voyce ofthecharmerycbaYmebeneverfo,wifely. 0 Secondly, At the voyce of hutftble complaints, when the poore