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Chap. i 8. e f n expoRion upon the Tookof Jo z. Verf. 3., 9 But why doth Bildad tax yob with Inch uncomely language as this ? Did he ever call them Beaffs ? lob never fpake thus di- redly, but he did obliquely and equivalently, while he bids them (Chap. 1 z. 7.) eflske now the Beafts, and they /hall teach thee, andthe fowles ofthe aire, and they fhall tell thee ;; TheMailer is above the Scholler, and he that teacheth, above him that is taught.Hence, while yob fends his friends to Schoole to the hearts, he fecretly taxeth themas more ignorant thenBeats. He feemes to fpakk this out ( (hap. 17.4.) Thou haft hid their heart from underftanding. And againe (verf. io.) But asforyouall, doe yea retarae, and come, for Ihave not found one wife man amongyou. A Company which bath not a wife clan among them, may got for beafls, andwill hardly be kept from doing like beafts. From thefe or the like fpeeches,Bildad raifeth this charge; wherefore ,ore we accountedBeafs before thee ? But though yob fpake thus, yet he did it not with a reproach- ing fpirit, but onely (in beate of difpute) to thew how they were miffaken : And as for Bildad, who makes this harfh con- ffruftion, he fhould have confidered what wordshe had given, as well as what he had received; he fhould have beenpatient in taking ¡nil reprehenfions, who had given thofe which were unjuff. Now in that Bildad is netled at this, and takes it fohainoufly, whereforeare we accounted as Beafis ? Obferve : There is nothing that men can hardlier part with then their eleeme; and that which fiicke molt with them is to be un- dervalued in the efteeme of their parts and gifts. Some account it a kindeof happineffe, and are well content- ed to be undervalued in their outward eftates, they make force advantage of that undervaluing ; They had rather be, then be accounted rich ; but few love to be undervalued in their inward tfate, and force had rather be accounted wife and learned, then take paines to be fo. He efpecially that beares himfelfe up upon the reputationofhis parts, cannot beare it, to be rec- koned for leffe then he carts up himfelfe; he cannot endure to be low in the eyes of others, who is high in his owne. And in- deed to fe undervalued is a very great tryall. Hence we fee the infinite f lf-deniall of our Lord Jefis Chriff, who made himfelfe C