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C&ap. iS , os4 n Sxfcfitiori uptn, 'the ’Sn-k.of J o m - ^ erfo h 1 p W j f a j f a no7regard for hovviiKle he wasreck- ondci • Thoughibe-ve.ts intheform ofgo;dy andthought it norob- . ^ 5 !ficqwti-vith god, jet heemptiedhimfeife,cm&appeared in Cl!e/g aT n e f4 d l^ flpQken with an intent to yilifi?his friends, thischargehad cortsejuftiyagaitift h im .: Hence O b s e r v e i V K^stof fla fe ’SJf T~oUndervalueothers,,and toptst upon themtermerofaptlmpt,- ■ mt 'onelfuntimely,bmfrfuU-. v , ■ B 1 G h# takes^noticeofthis . ( Afcr. f-22,j.asa great breach -of the lawof loveWholoeyer B ‘*Yw-his brother g fjggg ( that is w i t l e f f e , brainlefle, etnptyhead a one g- - nifieth j he that thusvilifies.his brother, (hall B «. Council!; ’flI'1‘l F g * ^ f f " ' a iW T W T H C T T ■ It is^a great Xolly to affe.ft the name pi wife,, and underttandi„j! as S chargeth thePharifees ( Mat.,23 8.) Zfrnotj K f l i 3 1 S 3 m tU tv e nC h r if anpee^nMrem.. I The Pharifeeswereambitious oftitles, and loved tobe applauded,, and povnted at, 'as the onely wife men, as the bracks of the timesP Now'as it isavanity to atfeft. (uch an opinionof our Pelves fo it isfinfull to afperfeany man or to blot him (un- defervedly ) out of the good opinionof others. And because we are apt b run into extreames, fometimes to account men as Beafts andfometimes to account themmore thenmen, therefore Ghriftcorre&s that humour alfo (verf. 9.) ({fad no manfather onearth,for oneisyourfather infeavenc Bptmuff we efteemall, menalikeMs it notunder aCommand; Honour thy father and* thymother? And ishot this true,:, asofnaturall,parents, fo ofCivil?* Howthen doth M M H d mapfather ; feeing t® call anyman father, isbut to give himhonour, andweare ob- ligedby theLetter ofthe. Law, to honour everymanwho isour father? The meaning then of this prohibition, (fall nomanfa- theK% give no mad power over your judgements or .codci- ences, fucfaasthe father hath over the perfonof hisChild. The Apoftkdehorts*Saints ( Efhef. 4.) Be m as Children carried about witheverymnd ofdofrine. AChild is apt to receive every, impreffion, ortothinke this or that fo, becaufehis father faith i t : 'The reafcn andAuthority of a father, will'carry andfway aGhiid'which'way he ,pleafetbJyI» that fenct, (fall nowanfa-