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z:a Chap. r8'. expofition open the Book. cf J o B. Verf.3 the eyes of their underftarding ) have they tided. The harafter of a naturali man is thus given by the Apoftle ( Ephe.4. i 8. ) Having their e nd, rflanding darkned, or blinded. This is a good fenfe here ; wherefore are we reputed as noon, wholeunderftandings are darhvued, andwhole minds areblocked -up ? ptoro tam:. But rather fecondly, the word Tama, fgnifies defiled., un- P'tá'Ns clean, or impure; Gramarians tell us, that from this-`Hebrew h;st lane; a "" word Tama,: the Latines have the word Yamino which iswfed reperutat trur.i- no qusa tamu, onely in compofi tion, Contamino, to defile, or pollute., And the In coolpopone word fignifies, not any kinde of defilement, or filthineffe, but utuntus coma. that which is molt fordid, and excrementitious, molt vile, and ryerno. Averse. foule, asappears from the Ceremonial! Law, Levit. i . 2. fulitie étefam Some conceive than lob carries on the fenfe of this with the !urrtiemFra fe fert a cuis3! former c.laufe ; weare accounted as Bees, and reputed' unclean radtu tanqua,n before thee : That is, as unclean Beafts, and that under a two-fold are abfmrnabl- notion. Either firft as Beafts that lye in their dung; and 'filth, as preeclit s; e let Swine, and flailed Oxen, &c. Or lecondly, as Beafts legally un p clean: In the. Ceremonial! Law, Beafts are divided into.clean Levin r5. z, and unclean : Some. were clean, and they were for Sacrifice; others were unclean, and they might not be offered inSacrifice. Taking theText under this Interpretation, it carries the greateft diminution of the credite, and goodneffeofhis friends, as if he had reckonedthem, not onely among, but below manyBeafts. But I fuppofe we need not lye up the fenfe to the exacftneffe of that allufion, _ Bildads fcope being onely tocomplaine ofYob's unfriendly cenfureofhim; and his fiends, as if they had b;en . not onely. ignorant in matters of doctrine, as Beafts, but alfo finfull and unholy in matters of pra. ice,, as the worft of men whereforeare we reputed vile inyour fight ? Now feeing the fame-word liignifies polluted and vile too.. Obferve ; every thing and which is defiled and polluted with fin,, is alto vile. Bafeneffe bath pollution in it , either morali or naturali He is not vile, who islowin birth or low in 'el4ate , but in Scripture-Bile, the vile wicked perfon , the perfon polluted with fin. (`I?fal. 15. 4. ) In whole eyes a vileperfon Le contemned. This vile perfon is not the pooreman, but the wicked an In which fenfe the.Prophet Danielforetells ( Dän.i i.zi.) rhata